Just when I think I can walk away, they pull me back in.

Episode five of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was well worth the agony of episode four. It had possibly the darkest, bleakest event I’ve ever witnessed on any tv show. It left me shook. 

More on that later.

The main storyline in this episode is that the mortal realm and Hell are merging. This puts everyone in danger in both realms and makes Sabrina realize she’s going to have to do something she’s never done before.

Admit that something she did was wrong and deal with the consequences of her actions.

Understandably, almost destroying the Earth and Hell catches the attention of God. So, Greendale gets a visit from The Metatron. For those of you who don’t know a lot about angels or haven’t seen Dogma, The Metatron is the voice of God.

The Metatron tells the assembled cast of Earth and Hell that there are only two ways to stop both realms from being destroyed. Either one Sabrina has to die, or they need to merge as one person.

Needless to say, they chose the latter.

While this is all going on, Lilith is discovered by Lucifer. He’s furious that she ran off with their baby. And so he decides to take only the child back to Hell, without her. 

Staring down the fear of losing her child, Lilith does something so horrific, so terrifying, that I couldn’t believe she’d done it. I was sure it was some sort of trick.

I don’t dare spoil it for you. 

Meanwhile, Ambrose discovers that the situation is worse than originally thought. Not only are Hell and Earth merging, but another reality is going to crash into them as well. So, merging Sabrina’s won’t be enough to stop the destruction.

It also leads to a gruesome head snap.

One of the Sabrina’s must go into that alternate universe to stop them from crashing together. What follows is a hilarious nod to the original Sabrina show that most of us watched as kids.

This was by far the most shocking episode of Sabrina so far. It’s set up the last few episodes well. I just hope they have time to wrap everything up in a satisfactory way.