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This episode does the switcheroo, revealing to us that the man Jason hitchhiked with, who we (I) assumed was Warlow, is actually his ancestor. This is a very good thing because it seems the real Warlow has entered the world through a portal, looking straight up like The Undertaker from WWE.

TrueBlood S6E2 Gif of the Undertaker from WWE

Jason’s ancestor is upset about how forthcoming Jason was about his life and his sister with a stranger, demanding to know what would have happened if he WAS Warlow.

Another Injury

Sookie is walking to work when she comes upon an injured man. They quickly find out that they are both halfling fairies when they can communicate telepathically. She brings him home and nurses his vampire wound from being bitten the night before. She tells him she has to get going and doesn’t want to get too involved because she isn’t ready for a relationship.

TrueBlood S6E2 Sookie and the injured man walking together in a field

Jason brings his probably great-great-great-great-great grandfather to meet Sookie during dinner at her home. Niall has travelled into the dimension left open in Sookie’s home that Warlow tried to come through. He relays the message that Warlow has arrived from the portal that Claudine managed to keep him sealed in after Sookie’s parents were murdered.

TrueBlood S6E2 Sookie, Jason, and Niall at dinner together in her home

Niall has been trying to find Warlow for decades and explains that Warlow is after Sookie because they are the fairy royal family. He teaches Sookie that she has the ability to create a supernova that can kill any vampire, no matter their age, but she can only use it once since she is a halfling. After that, her powers will be gone.

New Weapons, As Promised

Tara has been shot by a new government weapon – one like Cavanaugh was boasting about before he was slaughtered by Eric.

TrueBlood S6E2 Eric holding a cup with the new bullet inside of it

It’s a silver bullet that emits UV light, frying a vampire from the inside. Eric removes the bullet from Tara and does not seem bothered by the prospect of a war with the humans.

TrueBlood S6E2 Eric removing the bullet from Tara

Comatose With Visions

Bill absolutely freaks out, having a vision of the pain of all vampires. Bill drops into a comatose state and is taken into a vision with Lilith, delivered by the women’s spirits that entered his body. Lilith tells Bill that events are set into motion.

TrueBlood S6E2 Bill comatose in a chair with blood streaked on his face

Bill asks for an explanation of what he is and Lilith says that she is not a god and neither is Bill, but that in the future, people may see them both as such because of their importance in the turning of events.

TrueBlood S6E2 Bill seeing a vision of Lilith

Not ominous at all.

As Bill is comatose, Jessica worries that he may be dying. She hires a woman for Bill to feed on, and Bill breaks her bones and drinks her blood while still comatose without touching her. Yeah, it’s as weird as it sounds.

TrueBlood S6E2 Bill waking from his vision and realizing he can see the future

Jessica prays for Bill to come back to her and when he does, the two see a newscast that links up to Bill’s vision before he went comatose. Apparently he can see the future.

Patrick’s wife who is very visibly pregnant (guess he wasn’t lying about that) shows up at Merlotte’s and says that Patrick has vanished. The last place she knew he would be was with Terry. Arlene steps in and says that Patrick ran off on her and comforts her.


A table of young people at Merlotte’s stare down Sam. One of the women pleads with Sam to “come out” as a shifter and seems to know everything about him, Luna, and Emma. She asserts that the movement needs the help of other supernaturals in the coming days. Sam says he’d love to help but can’t, as he’s just trying to protect himself and his family.

TrueBlood S6E2 A group of activists sit at a table at Merlotte's

Alcide, Martha, and other wolves show up at Sam’s house and abduct Emma from Sam and Lafayette. As they have a screaming match referencing all kinds of supernatural beings, the group of activists from the bar films. Oh boy.

TrueBlood S6E2 Alcide and Martha argue with Sam outside his home before abducting Emma

Eric goes to the governor Burrell’s home and tricks his way into the building for time with the Louisiana governor. When he tries glamouring Burrell to end his vampire prejudice, the governor is wearing new technology – contacts that make humans unable to be glamoured. His guards arrest Eric, but he escapes by flying into the sky.

TrueBlood S6E2 Eric in a meeting with Burrell in a disguise

Eric flys up to the bedroom of Burrell’s daughter after she has taken out her contacts and glamours her to let him in.

This episode may only be the second of this season, but the stakes are high and feels more exciting than a typical season beginning.

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

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