If you’ve ever lost a loved one, then you know there comes a moment where life has to go on. No matter how much you hurt, you’re still alive. And you’ve got to keep living. 

Dexter is coming to that phase. He’s buried Rita. He had to put Cody and Astor in a car and watch them leave. But he’s still got a job. He’s still got Harrison to love and look after. And he’s still got his dark passenger to satisfy. 

What does a single father do when he’s got a job and a passion to satisfy? He finds a nanny. 

If he’s smart, he doesn’t invite his crazy cop sister to help. But when has Dexter ever been smart when it comes to Deb. 

That being said, Dexter finds the perfect nanny. She’s a delightful woman named Sonya. And she is, as the episode title alludes to, practically perfect in every way. She even looks a little bit like Mary Poppins. 

I wonder what bloody skeletons are lurking in her closet.

With Harrison looked after, Dexter is free to pursue his own needs. His needs include stalking and murdering Boyd Fowler. 

Fowler, though, is on to him. When Dexter pretends to job shadow him as an excuse to stick him in the neck with a needle, Boyd shoots him with a dart gun meant for alligators. It’s a shame Fowler has to die. He’s like a redneck version of Dexter. Perhaps in another life, they might have called each other friends.

In this life, Dexter has a frustrating situation. He has a beautifully prepared kill spot. The plastic is laid out. The pictures are ready. But when Boyd shots him with an alligator trank, he’s forced to improvise. 

While Dexter’s doing that, Deb is tracking down information on a double homicide. A woman’s head was found in the park, an obvious gang killing.

Except, it only seems to be obvious to one uniformed officer. Somehow she figures this out, while Deb and Angel are hunting the victim’s husband. This seems like a weird lapse in character. 

The ending of this episode was great. Dexter had to improvise to get his kill. And sometimes when you do that, you get unintended consequences.

Like a victim seeing everything you just did and living to tell the tale.

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