Goodbye Honey and Max Strand

Jim here, boy do we have a great surprise for y’all! We are proud to bring to you our interview with none other than Goodbye Honey mastermind, Max Strand. For a HauntedMTL first, we dig deep into the past, the hit movie Goodbye Honey, and the future!

Jim: You’ve both written short films with Goodbye Honey being the first feature released, in what ways did writing a short impact your feature work?

Max: Writing and making shorts definitely had a huge impact on how we approached Goodbye Honey. We knew because of our experience that we had the ‘know how’ and that gave us the confidence that we can do it. Making a feature length film can be an over whelming idea but Todd and I told our selves it’s just a big short film and just took it day by day.

In terms of writing, shorts are very hard because you have to fit so much in so few pages. Having that experience helped because we tried to make sure each scene had an arc and a compelling beginning, middle and end.   

Jim: Any advice for people who want to create their own horror vision and see the project through from concept to screen?

Max: For us the major things were we wrote something we knew we could actually make and have the passion and persistence to overcome never-ending obstacles.

Todd and I intentionally wrote a script that we knew we could make with just a few actors, a camera and a truck.  

Max Strand – Goodbye Honey

Over the course of making any movie there will be a thousand reasons to call it quits and things that didn’t go the way you wanted them to go, but you just have to continue to be your own champion and push forward.  

Jim: Max, Goodbye Honey is also your directorial debut for a feature. What was the biggest shift between directing shorts or being in other spots of the crew to the director’s chair on a feature?

Max: Directing shorts is more of a sprint where a feature is more a marathon. It was a totally new experience directing for so many days in a row. In the rush and chaos of indie film making it could have been easy to get lost so I was thankful for all my notes and preparation and beyond grateful for the amazing cast and crew.

Jim: The movie came out during the pandemic. How did that shape the movie and plans for release?

Max: The biggest thing it affected was the festival run. We played in amazing festivals around the country and it would have been so fun to travel to them and experience them in person.  All that being said we made the best of it and still had a blast

Jim: Finally, what’s next for you as a team? Is there a follow up film waiting to be hatched?

Nothing to officially announce yet but we have stuff brewing. Todd, myself and our amazing producer Josh Michaels are always trying to make movies, so I’m very excited about our future projects together.

Thanks so much for checking out the movie!! 

If you want to check out Goodbye Honey and see why Jim (and the rest of the world!) is raving about it, click on through below. It is an affiliate link and if you buy/rent, we might just keep the lights on for another day 😉

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