Shudder has just shared three trailers for upcoming originals on their service. Please enjoy this glimpse of what is ahead in July and August, exclusively on Shudder.

Lake of Death (2019)

Poster courtesy of Shudder.

Lake of Death premiers this Thursday, July 16th in the US, CA, and the UK. Here is the official synopsis.

A year after her twin brother mysteriously disappeared, Lillian and her friends head to the old family cabin to say their goodbyes. But soon after they arrive, eerie and gruesome events begin to occur. As the lines between reality and Lillian’s nightmares blur, she must fight both an external and internal struggle to stay alive. Is a horrific local legend becoming reality, or is the real enemy among them?

Director Nini Bull Robsahm (Amnesia) took inspiration from Norway’s popular 1942 novel (and later film adaptation) of the same name (De dødes tjern), credited with sparking the country’s interest in horror. Robsahm shot Lake of Death on stunning 35mm and brought on Academy Award-winner Bob Murawski (Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell, The Hurt Locker) to edit. Starring Iben Akerlie, Jacob Andersen Schøyen, Jonathan Harboe, Sophia Lie and Elias Mun. A Shudder Original.

Check out the trailer below.

Impetigore (2019)

Poster courtesy of Shudder.

Impetigore will be available on July 23 in the US, CA, and UK. Here is the official synopsis.

(Sundance 2020 Official Selection) After surviving a murder attempt in the city, Maya, a down-on-her-luck young woman, learns that she may inherit a house in her ancestral village. With her friend Dini, Maya returns to the village of her birth, unaware that the community there has been trying to locate and kill her to remove the curse that has plagued the village for years. As she begins to discover the complicated reality about her past, Maya finds herself in a fight for her life. Starring Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, Marissa Anita, Christine Hakim, Asmara Abigail, directed by Joko Anwar (Satan’s Slaves). A Shudder Original.

Check out the trailer below.

Random Acts of Violence (2019)

Poster courtesy of Shudder.

Shudder’s third exclusive on offer this time around is Random Acts of Violence which premiers on August 20th in the US and UK. It is also in theaters and on-demand in Canada via Elevation Pictures on July 31.

Comic book creator Todd Walkley (Jesse Williams), his wife Kathy (Jordana Brewster), assistant Aurora (Niamh Wilson) and best friend, Hard Calibre Comics owner Ezra (Jay Baruchel), embark upon a road trip from Toronto to New York Comic Con and bad things start to happen. People start getting killed. It soon becomes clear that a crazed fan is using Todd’s “SLASHERMAN” comic as inspiration for the killings and as the bodies pile up, and Todd’s friends and family become victims themselves, Todd will be forced to take artistic responsibility. A Shudder Original.

Check out the trailer below.

Ready for terror?

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