Filthy streets, neon lights and drugs

These three things combine to create a mental image of a dark, miserable future. Blade Runner offered it to us in 1982 and has colored the genre with “used future” since then. And this new film is no exception. Mutant junkies rampage and compete through a deserted city in search of redemption. It’s like Mad Max, with less cars.

Something about the art deco style makes this even more eerie.

The film stars well-known actors such as Idris Elba (The Dark Tower, Pacific Rim, Ghost Rider), Sir Ian McKellen (King Lear, Rasputin, Lord of the Rings) and master of the horror genre, Taylor Swift (The Hunger Games, Hannah Montana soundtracks).

In the far-flung future, there is only mutants

Nuclear fall out? Genetic experimentation? Dark sorcery?

Streets are overrun with bipedal, fur-covered creatures. Crowding at any open door, rushing for shelter or for something (or someONE) to eat. Where did they come from? What do they want? Where is the rest of humanity in this world? All we know is that these creatures have taken over all aspects of life, but are hunting for more.

What could drive these creatures into such a frenzy?


Catnip. They’re after catnip. And a better life or something. This is not the horror film that I was told it was.

This is just Cats, isn’t it?

Of course it’s Cats.

I’ve been misinformed. This is not a film about strung-out junkie mutants, stealing souls in a desolate future. This is a musical. How did this get on my desk? This is a prank, right?

I’m obligated to say that the film releases December 20th, 2019 in theaters. Maybe it’s a horror movie? It doesn’t seem like a horror movie.

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