As the biggest Megan Goldin fan, I can truly say that her thrillers never disappoint. Goldin writes perfectly paced, heart-racing novels that keep you turning the page until 2am. Stay Awake is no different. I spent a whole day straight entranced in these pages searching for answers side by side with Liv.

The Plot

Liv wakes up with a bloody knife and no memory of the last two years. She tries to go home, but strangers now live in her apartment. She’s lost her purse and her phone and only has a wad of cash in her pocket. What happened? Is Liv running from herself or someone else?

The Verdict

It is difficult to describe the plot of this novel without spoiling too much, so you’ll just have to be content with that short and sweet description. This thriller holds many secrets as you race beside Liv to find the answers to all your screaming questions. I enjoyed feeling Liv’s confusion and pain as she experienced trauma based amnesia. Often, thrillers with amnesia as a plot line can be trite and repetitive. Goldin writes in such a way that you never say “Oh my gosh… this again? Get on with it.” I have read plenty of thrillers that made me want to scream that phrase to the heavens. Not this one.

Megan Goldin
Megan Goldin

Goldin manages to take tropes from the thriller genre and make them fresh. The police duo in the novel is your standard hard-ass seasoned detective and hardworking female up and comer pairing, but they are endearing and fresh in their own right. Goldin spins all the tropes we know the genre writers rely on and makes the reader turn the burning pages with intrigue and not sighs of boredom.

Should You Pre-Order?

Goldin is a master of her craft and I highly recommend pre-ordering this one today. This will be a buzzworthy book during its release on August 9, 2022. Pre-order it now and be surprised when it shows up on your doorstep in six months and race to devour it within 24 hours. I promise that’s exactly the way it’ll go for you.

Cover of The Escape Room with a quote by Lee Child

If you can’t wait for this release, satisfy your Megan Goldin thriller cravings with my favorite title from her repertoire, The Escape Room. This novel follows a set of co-workers who participate in an escape room as a team building exercise. And then it all starts to go wrong…

Megan Goldin is a master of her craft and I cannot recommend her enough. Both Stay Awake and The Escape Room earned stunning five star ratings from me. Check them out right now! Don’t waste any more time!

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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