Most seasons of American Horror Story end on surprisingly sweet notes. One might not expect a series that relies so much on the darkest and most disgusting parts of humanity to do that. But season after season, it’s there. The Harmon family is together in death. The Seven Wonders gives the world the Supreme it needed. Ringmaster Elsa finds her family at last

Roanoke had a happy ending as well. But if we’re rating it on warm and fuzzy feelings, it comes in dead last.

A lot is going on in this episode. We see a convention held between My Roanoke Nightmare and Three Days in Hell, where the actors are just soaking up the love of their fans. We see the murder trial and true-crime style drama around Lee and Flora. We see one of the last surviving Polk discover Youtube, only to commit several crimes right on camera and then post the video like the idiot that he is.

Sarah Paulson as Lana Winters in American Horror Story Roanoke

The story gets going, though, when Lee is interviewed by none other than Lana Winters.

Yes, that Lana Winters. Because once again, Sarah Paulson is a queen.

The interview seems friendly enough at first. Lee says she only agreed to be interviewed by Lana because she thinks they have something in common. And in a way, she’s right. 

But Lana, never one to shy away from the hard questions, asks Lee a question she’s not expecting. 

Where is Flora?

Once again, Flora has gone missing. And once again, everyone has pointed an accusatory finger at Lee. 

The interview is broken up rather suddenly by the remaining Polk son, and Lee vanishes. 

It’s at this point in the episode that two things become clear. The general fan base of My Roanoke Nightmare isn’t convinced anything happened at that house, and no one’s got any God Damned common sense.

That’s right, we’re going back to the Roanoke farmhouse again. This time with a couple of ghost hunters who wanted to film an episode of their show. They’re surprised to find Lee already there. I wasn’t surprised at all that not one of them made it out alive.

Adina Porter as Lee Harris in American Horror Story Roanoke

Lee is still searching for Flora. But it’s a Blood Moon, and someone else found the girl first. Her friend, Pricilla. And Flora doesn’t want to leave her again. Pricilla, you see, is just as scared of The Butcher as anyone else. She needs someone to protect her. Someone to be a mother.

Isn’t that what Lee wanted all along? 

We’ve come to the end of our trip to Roanoke, Killer Queens. Next week we’ll be starting on a story that scares the hell out of me. The story of a real-life cult that we haven’t seen the end of yet.

See you then. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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