Dexter, it’s clear, is falling deeply in love with Lumen. This episode starts with the two of them making plans to find Jordan Chase and kill him. They’re getting quite cuddly over a map. Not just in a sexy way, that would be one thing. No, this touching is the sort of little, tender taps. Resting of chins on heads, tilting of shoulders. Soft little moments of the sort that Dexter never shared with Rita. And that feels like a betrayal to her memory. Watching this, I can’t help feeling like Astor. How can Dexter love someone else so fast?

While Dexter and Lumen are hunting Jordan, Liddy is hunting them. He’s managed to get a camera into Dexter’s apartment. Fortunately, Harrison’s baby monitor picked up on the feed. 

Dexter spends a lot of time this episode trying to find where Liddy is watching him from. The only problem is, he doesn’t realize it’s Liddy. He thinks it’s Quinn. Which makes sense, since Quinn’s name is on the requisition forms for the surveillance equipment. 

When Dexter finds out it’s not Quinn, thinks some to a sticky end for Liddy. A well-deserved one, might I add. This leads to a moment that explains exactly what’s so smart about this show. We see Dexter inside a van with Liddy, who’s quickly bleeding out. We also see Quinn outside, calling Liddy’s phone. Dexter manages to silence Liddy’s phone before it rings. But the human body contains an intense amount of blood. Enough to drip out of the van, onto Quinn’s shoe.

While Dexter is dealing with Liddy, Jordan decides he’s played around enough. He gets Emily to call Lumen, telling her that she’s going to the police if Lumen doesn’t come to talk to her. Of course, Lumen heads our right away. Of course, Jordan is waiting for her. 

We’re seeing now the type of monster Jordan is. He’s not getting off on hurting these girls. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about controlling the men who are hurting them. Manipulating them and brainwashing them until they do unspeakable things. Things they might not have done without his pushing. 

This isn’t to say that they’re blameless, these puppet men he manipulated. The blood on his hands doesn’t wash any of theirs clean.

There’s just one more episode left in the season. I can’t wait to see how Dexter deals with the single most evil monster he’s ever faced off against. The only real question is if he’ll get to Jordan first, or will Deb?

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