Now and then we come across an episode of Dexter that reminds me that Dexter never had to be as messed up as he is. I think Harry has more of the blame than he does. And I’m thinking Hannah would agree with me.

I also want to point out that I’ve been overlooking something. That something is the psycho who’s setting people on fire and leaving the name Bobby behind. Dexter’s feeling the itch, and he thinks this killer might be a good playmate for his dark passenger. 

Then he goes and tells Hannah about his dark passenger. And she responds unsurprisingly. She’s a bit amused. She kind of pokes fun at him. She tells Dexter that he has no dark passenger. It’s only him.

Then miss know it all gets put in her place when her estranged father shows up. 

Hannah’s dad, Clint, was at first a terrible choice. It kind of feels like every time an estranged parent arrives, it’s for money. When Hannah refuses him, he crashes her flower shop in a fit of rage. 

This confrontation between Hannah and her awful dad was possibly one of the best scenes in this whole series. Hannah’s response was so raw, so deeply painful. I know a lot of fans don’t like this character. And I’m not her biggest fan either. But damned if Yvonne Strahovski isn’t a damned talented actress. 

Dexter has two targets by the end of the episode. He’s got the arsonist in his sights, but he’d like to kill Clint. Clint doesn’t deserve to die based on Dexter’s code. But no one was shedding a tear when he got what was coming to him.

While all this is going on, Quinn’s going through some things. He gets a call for help from Nadia. When he arrives at the Fox Hole, Novikov is waiting for him. And Quinn finally snaps and kills the asshole. 

So, I guess we’re done with that whole Russian mob storyline. It was a rather anti-climatic ending.

By the end of the episode, it kind of feels like we don’t have a bad guy. Clint is dead, the arsonist is under arrest, Novikov finally got what he deserved. 

I guess the only conflict left is the fact that Deb wants to put Hannah in jail. Or, well I guess the fact that Maria is on to Dexter might come up too. 

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