Spoiler Alert! While I’m going to try to avoid spoilers we may inadvertently run into some.

One thing I’ve always loved about Dexter is the clever misdirection. I’m often quite sure I know what’s going on until the twist reveals that I was off.

With New Blood, H is For Hero, they’re trying that again. But if you read my last review, you know I was right about something. I don’t know if that means I’m getting more clever or they’re not as twisty as they used to be. For my pride, I chose to believe the first one.

We start with Kurt in celebration mode. He’s telling the whole town that Matt is alive and well, living it up in New York. It’s depressing to see how many people are happy, thinking this entitled dirtbag is still alive. Sorry, what I meant was it’s sad that all these people think their friend is still alive.

And Kurt is lying to them all. He knows damned well that Matt is dead. So why is he pretending his son is still alive? I think it’s because he knows that not only is Matt dead, but he was murdered. And Kurt wants to find the killer. Maybe put them in a spare room and toy with them before slaughtering them. Just a thought.

Matt’s disappearance brought all sorts of people to town to help. One of those people is a True Crime podcaster named Molly Park. At first, she seems like an obnoxious bottom feeder, feasting on the misery of a missing person. But it seems like she wants to help.

Maybe I just hope she’s a good person, being a true-crime podcaster myself. But whether her intentions in the town are pure or not, she’s already inadvertently caused trouble.

Audrey is a fan of Molly’s. She sends Harrison a link to her podcast. And it turns out one of the cases Molly covered was the Trinity Killer. 

There are good ways and bad ways to find out your mom was brutally murdered by a famous serial killer. I imagine this is a bad way.

Just after we see Harrison find out about Rita’s death, we cut to a scene where Dexter receives an alert on his phone. There was an incident at the school, Harrison was involved.

It appears that Ethan was going to shoot up the school. He even had a hit list. It appears that Harrison stopped him and had to cut his leg in the process.

It appears that way, but that’s not the truth. And when Dexter starts to put the bloody, worrisome truth together, his first response is excitement. But Deb, who is just a part of Dexter’s mind that speaks to him in the voice of his sister, is sobbing. Because Harrison, just like his father, was born in blood.

Every single episode so far has had me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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