What would you do if you found a hidden, shackled, naked, immortal woman in an abandoned building who can’t speak? I supposed the answer depends on whether or not you have a penis.

Deadgirl is a 2008 horror drama set around horny high school boys and the sexy supernatural secret they’ve uncovered. The moral ambiguities this movie raises are important ones:

Can you violate a corpse? Not their honor or their memory, but them. Their body. Is it even their body anymore if the soul is gone? Is an immortal body dead or undead? Is the soul still present if the body is immortal? Or could there be something else inside?

The depravity of one’s own enjoyment in the suffering of another, apparent or not, and the lack of the respect toward others, living or not, is not even the crux of the film.

In the beginning the question is raised: Why is she down there? Throughout the journey the question looms: Should she go free? In the end the answer actualizes, and the forces that be materialize far beyond the scope of this small sliver of a film.

With and IMDB rating of 5.7/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer of 29% and Audience Score of 40%, I give Deadgirl a 6.2/10.