Dear Friend

This episode of Netflix’s Witcher really hit its stride. Even if it started rather sad.

Hunting outside of Kaer Morhen, Geralt and Ciri are attacked by the chernobog from the last episode. They manage to slay it, but not before Roach the horse is fatally wounded. 

Geralt and Ciri in Witcher Season Two Dear Friend.

I hate it when the animal companions die.

Geralt decides it’s time to take Ciri somewhere to investigate her magic. They head to the Temple of Melitele for further information. There, Ciri finds herself playing with a mysterious ball and absolutely wrecking the life of some boy who takes a liking to her. 

It turns out that they left Kaer Morhen just at the right time. Rience arrives soon after their departure. The fact that he manages to get back out of the Witcher stronghold alive seems like an astounding feat to me. Worse, though, he leaves with the bottle of mutagens made from Ciri’s blood. 

Back at the Temple, Yennefer arrives. She’s tracked Ciri there, not realizing that she was Geralt’s child surprise. 

Yennerfer dithers, clearly unsure of what to do. Ciri is her only chance at regaining her magic. I like to think that she’d hesitate at abducting any child. But since it wasn’t just any child, I suppose we’ll never know. 

At any rate, they’re all there when Rience arrives, bringing an army with him. 

Rience in Witcher Season Two Dear Friend.

This leads to a fight scene that frankly, I think they should have retooled a bit. It includes a lot of slow-motion shots and zooming into the blades. I suppose it’s supposed to look like something out of a video game. 

I have two problems with this. The most important one is that it looked shitty and slowed down the episode in a season that already wasted a ton of time. But it’s also referencing the video game Witcher more than the books. And the show so far has not been based on the video games. Why start now? 

Ciri and Yennefer get away, locking themselves in a room. With Rience outside, hammering on the door, Yennefer teaches Ciri how to create a portal. They escape through it, leaving Geralt behind. 

Whether Yennefer only wanted to save Ciri, or she’s taking advantage of the situation, we’re not yet sure. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see in the next episode. 

2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

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