Zombies have become a mainstay of pop culture, and I’ve written about their widespread appeal recently. Still, there’s another topic I am interested in: What one should wear in the event of a zombie apocalypse!

Before I begin, let me make something clear: I’m not one of those dumb-asses who really thinks this is highly plausible, let alone imminent. In fact, this article is mostly for fun. I’m also not an “expert” on this silly topic, so don’t lecture me if my premise is slightly off. Still, let’s pretend that a zombie virus is spreading, and you need some handy dandy tips on what ways to avoid getting bitten (or having the flesh-eaters get infected blood on you, or anything else that could “turn” you). On the Walking Dead, characters occasionally drape zombie guts on themselves to blend in with the horde. Still, that may not work in an actual (hypothetical) zombie apocalypse. So let’s look at some more basic ideas.

1. Get Into Leather Jackets and Pants

Looks like some added protection against bites, right?

Remember Dawn of the Dead, where Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews (David Emge) wears a leather jacket around? Well, that’s probably a good idea. As the undead are encroaching, they may have a harder time biting through leather. So leather coats are good for when you travel around. There are some good methods of minimizing heat in the things, too.

Consider wearing lighter leather (though I would recommend thicker stuff, while carrying a canteen). Also consider wearing a lighter colored leather, like a tan or olive color, as they attract less heat. Maybe it’s not as sexy as black leather, but we’re talking more survival than style. Also, some leather jackets have perforations, presumably to make it more breathable.

2. Take Up Zombie Hockey & Wear a Helmet

Every single thing here would be practical in a zombie apocalypse, including ice skates and hockey sticks as weapons (and, if you can ice skate, why not take advantage?)

Maybe you’re no athlete, but hockey gear could save your skin from the zombie horde. This is relatively easy stuff to find, too. Also, wear helmets of various kinds. I’m talking football helmets, hockey helmets, bicycle helmets, you name it! Of course, you may benefit from carrying a hockey stick, too, Casey Jones-style. Turn a zombie skull into a hockey puck!

3. Get Into Spikes & Chains

This may be overdoing it, but you get the idea.

Hey, if you’re considering leather, you might want to emphasize spikes as well! It might make you look like a wannabe bad-ass, but it would be a perfect way to avoid having zombies gnawing through your soft, hot flesh! In addition, you’ll have a solid punk rock fashion that’s also functional. Wouldn’t that be great? No one could call you a punk poser, as you’re just being practical. Of course, if you start rocking a mohawk, that’s on you. Here’s another thing: If you do get turned while wearing this, it’ll make you look cooler than when you were alive… guaranteed!

4. Wear Thick Winter Jackets and Gloves

This one could get annoying, as this would make one’s body and hands sweaty. In fact, I’ve even walked in zero degree weather and had to take my hat, gloves and jacket off for a bit because I was too warm. Still, a zombie would have a tougher time chewing through a thicker set of winter gloves and a jacket! This one is doubly practical if it is actually winter. It’s a no-brainer of an option.

5. Have You Considered Riot Gear?

zombie fashion

Yes, this isn’t immediately accessible to everyone, but probably not that difficult to find. In fact, this was done on The Walking Dead. Honestly, this is such a no-brainer that more Walking Dead characters should wear this stuff more often. Isn’t there an element of common sense to this? Talk about a huge oversight! This kind of gear would be best acquired during the early stages of the zombie apocalypse, before others can successfully raid the local police armory.

6. Ever Hear of Troy Hurtubise? No? Well, Learn About Troy Hurtubise

Don’t feel bad about not recognizing the name. I didn’t remember it either, until I started writing this article and looked it up. However, I did remember that a man made an “indestructible suit,” designed to withstand grizzly bear attacks! He called the suits “Ursa,” with each version having a new number attached. Still, you could call such a suit anything you want. However, I wouldn’t encourage you to call it “stupid,” as it apparently works.

He supposedly also created something called “Firepaste,” which is claimed to be able to withstand temperatures from blowtorches. Obviously you may not be as obsessed about this things as Troy was, but you may want to take a page or two from his book once the dead start to walk.
The man’s ideas may sound ridiculous, but they seemed to have positive results.

7. Consider Wearing Other Dumb Stuff, Too

zombie fashion

Can’t find the things already listed? Fair enough. If you look around the house, you may still have some extra padding against walkers. If you know any fishermen, maybe they have hip waders. Have any old magazines lying around? You can potentially wrap those around your arms, in conjunction with duct tape. Is it the most ideal form of protection? Of course not! Still, if you want to get out alive, fashion isn’t your #1 priority. Also, if you have access to bubble wrap, extra layers of sweaters and sweatshirts, anything you can successfully layer under your shirts…Yes, I even suggested bubble wrap. It would probably make sense to at least consider it!

Well, hopefully this zombie article didn’t make you cringe too hard. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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