Abandoned theme parks are notorious for being spooky. They attract the attention of many a curious explorer and lover of the paranormal. There is something about the decaying remains of rotten mechanical skeletons sitting idol, left to decompose in solitary abandon, nothing but a pale shadow of its former exhilarating life, rusting coaster tracks, and tall rusted frameworks leering out at you through the overgrown bushes, whispering to you as you walk innocently past of times gone by.

Mechanical Skeletons

Seeing the remains of a stationary rollercoaster alone is enough to send me into cardiac arrest as my creepy brain will always imagine the ’what if the rides come alive and start working while in the middle of an exploration?’ scenario. Of course, I would be both thrilled and chilled if this did occur probably more the latter! I’ve decided upon starting a new series dedicated to abandoned places as I fuckin love abandoned videos. They’re creepy, scary, and make for good entertainment in the horror genre. I aim to cover a lot of abandoned places So to start off this new series here at HauntedMTL I bring to you fellow fiends the first installment of a thrilling look of abandoned theme parks in the UK. 

Remains of the American Adventure. Part of the wild west theme.
Cowboys vs Indians.

Situated in the heart of Derbyshire England, The American Adventure theme park was once a popular attraction. With the park first opening its gates in June of 1987 The American Adventure was then called Brittania Park but due to complications the park was renamed to The American Adventure and from thus onwards became the UKs introduction to American culture.with its Wild West theme being prominent throughout the park it was an attraction like no other for its time. Over its 19 years operating history, The American Adventure indeed had a good ride. (see what I did there) With thrilling attractions such as Missile, a boomerang rollercoaster that once held the title of best Rollercoaster in the UK five years prior to the infamous Nemesis opening in rival park Alton Towers. The American Aventure also held the title of UK’s tallest Log Flume With Nightmare Niagra, a three-tier drop log flume ride holding the title for UK’s tallest log flume up until 2007. 

Remains of Nightmare Niagra before its dismantlement

An unworthy Death

 The American Adventure eventually closed its gates in 2007 due to a lack of interest and unable to keep up with its new and modern rivals. It left behind a history that sadly expired . Of course, for us, horror fans a park’s abandonment is by far a better day out than going into a functioning theme park. Duh. there’s just something about walking around a mechanical graveyard that sends my excitement into overdrive. 

 Since its closure, the site has become a ghost land, with most rides dismantled and moved to other theme parks, the land where once the rides stood sentient exist no more. The land has become overgrown with spindly thorns that wrap their hungry vines around anything that remains.

Buffalo Stampede still operates at another theme park.

There are many videos on YouTube that document the life of the American Adventure. Will you explore what was once a thriving theme park?