“I can’t imagine being stuck down a well all alone like that. How long could you survive?”

“Seven days.”

Dead by Daylight: Sadako Rising welcomes the Ring to the asymmetrical horror game, up’ing the scares to an entirely new level. And I can’t overstate how excited I am! Sadako (or Samara) is now available to play for PC players on Dead by Daylight’s Play Test Build. For those on consoles, you’ll have to wait until March 8 for her official release.

The trailer for Dead by Daylight’s new chapter: Sadako Rising

Sadako joins the Entity’s ranks as a stealth killer. Her special ability allows her to project herself through TVs scattered through the map, which will apply a “condemned” status effect on nearby survivors. Once their condemned meter is fully filled, Sadako will be able to deliver a gruesome mori, a kill animation that stays true to her character.

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Sadako also comes with three unique killer perks which I’m sure will find their way into some unique builds. Her new perk, Merciless Storm, would be absolutely evil on an impossible skill check doctor.

But Sadako hasn’t come to test servers alone! Yoichi Asakawa, the son of the main protagonist in Ringu joins the survivors in the fog. Yoichi’s build leans towards support and stealth, which reflects his role in the Ringu films.

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising offers more jump scares than ever before, as Sadako chases down a now adult Yoichi.

Final Verdict

Five, yes, five!!! Cthulhu heads! The Ring was one of the films that brought my love of horror to new heights, so I might be biased. But Dead by Daylight: Sadako Rising brings true fear back to this horror multiplayer. Her playstyle is unique and, in the hands of a skilled player with great map knowledge, she can be devastating. And for those who just love her character, like me, there are so many little details that just get it right. The bloody sores where her nails used to be? The TV effects when she’s demanifested? Just perfect. Sadako is undoubtedly the best edition to the game in a long time.