Halloween has come to the asymmetrical horror survival game Dead by Daylight! From October 14th to November 3rd 11:00 AM ET in a big way. Grinning Jack-o-lantern lurk in every corner while a strange black hole in the sky stares ominous from above. For those just getting into the event, here’s Haunted by Daylight – Everything you need to know.

“A small group ventured into the fog and quickly returned, saying they had come across the ruins of a tower not unlike this one…”

Unique Map Objectives

One of the best parts of Halloween in Dead by Daylight is the pumpkins! They come back this year in their eerie glowing glory. If you see them, kick them and you’ll gain either the Haste Status Effect (move faster), the Hindered Status Effect (move slower), or nothing at all.

As you’re repairing generators, you may notice small red tears in reality called Unstable Rifts. If you repair generators, you’ll gain Void Energy. Once you’ve gotten 15 (you’ll see a gauge next to the number of generators needed to be completed) you can deposit the energy into a rift.

Haunted by Daylight everything you need to know. Hook and orange sky.
What a gorgeous view to die to.

Killers, on the other hand, will need to hook survivors on Halloween Hooks to gain void energy.

Three Unstable Rifts will spawn across the map the moment the game begins. Once you find an Unstable Rift, you can deposit your Void Energy, earning bonus Bloodpoints and gaining a temporary Haste speed boost in the process. But once you deposit, the Rift will disappear, and soon after will respawn in a new location.

By depositing a total of 30 in a single match will net you one of 12 rewards. There are 6 rewards for killer and 6 rewards for survivor.

Killers can look forward to unlocking Sweet Death Killer weapons. These eye-catching and intricate designs are inspired by different types of candy and are available for:

  • The Hillbilly
  • The Twins
  • The Plague
  • The Trapper
  • The Doctor
  • The Nurse

Survivors will be able to unlock unique glow-in-the-dark Bone Shirts, inspired by each character’s personalities, interests, and backstories. The six lucky survivors are:

  • David King
  • Claudette Morel
  • Felix Richter
  • Feng Min
  • Jane Romero
  • Yun-Jin Lee

The Bloodweb

The Bloodweb, which you access to choose perks and items, will now have certain event specific items available, including the Will O’ Wisp flashlight, the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox Med-Kit, the Blight Serum, and a new Haunted by Daylight Blood point Offering. For those seeking to complete this events tome Haunted by Daylight, there is also the Arcane Dowsing Rod, available to both killers and survivors, which gives 100% Bloodpoint bonus to event hooks, completed event generator repairs, and Void Energy transfers. It also provides a directional cue when an Unstable Rift spawns within 24 meters near you.

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Killers can find the unique killer add-on the Blight Serum. This serum gives you 1 charge of Blighted Rush that replaces your killer power until it’s consumed. Blighted Rush allows you to dash forward. It’s only available during the Haunted by Daylight Event so enjoy it while you can.  

Event Tome

There is also a special Event Tome where players can grind through two pages of challenges split between both survivors and killers. These challenges include a new batch of Community Challenges, which can only be completed by the combined efforts of the entire community. But you’ll also have to do your fair share!

Haunted by Daylight - everything you need to know. Kate Denson Halloween cosmetic.
I’m not sure if this beats Kate’s Lady Volksfest cosmetic…

By completing this tome you’ll be able to unlock Kate Denson’s Cornfield Scarecrow and The Hag’s Swamp Creature cosmetic!

Enjoy the event (and its copious amount of bloodpoints) while it lasts!