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Halloween has come to the asymmetrical horror survival game Dead by Daylight! From October 14th to November 3rd 11:00 AM ET in a big way. Grinning Jack-o-lantern lurk in every corner while a strange black hole in the sky stares ominous from above. For those just getting into the event, here’s Haunted by Daylight – Everything you need to know.

A small group ventured into the fog and quickly returned, saying they had come across the ruins of a tower not unlike this one…”

Unique Map Objectives

One of the best parts of Halloween in Dead by Daylight is the pumpkins! They come back this year in their eerie glowing glory. If you see them, kick them and you’ll gain either the Haste Status Effect (move faster), the Hindered Status Effect (move slower), or nothing at all.


As you’re repairing generators, you may notice small red tears in reality called Unstable Rifts. If you repair generators, you’ll gain Void Energy. Once you’ve gotten 15 (you’ll see a gauge next to the number of generators needed to be completed) you can deposit the energy into a rift.

Haunted by Daylight everything you need to know. Hook and orange sky.
What a gorgeous view to die to.

Killers, on the other hand, will need to hook survivors on Halloween Hooks to gain void energy.

Three Unstable Rifts will spawn across the map the moment the game begins. Once you find an Unstable Rift, you can deposit your Void Energy, earning bonus Bloodpoints and gaining a temporary Haste speed boost in the process. But once you deposit, the Rift will disappear, and soon after will respawn in a new location.

By depositing a total of 30 in a single match will net you one of 12 rewards. There are 6 rewards for killer and 6 rewards for survivor.

Killers can look forward to unlocking Sweet Death Killer weapons. These eye-catching and intricate designs are inspired by different types of candy and are available for:

  • The Hillbilly
  • The Twins
  • The Plague
  • The Trapper
  • The Doctor
  • The Nurse

Survivors will be able to unlock unique glow-in-the-dark Bone Shirts, inspired by each character’s personalities, interests, and backstories. The six lucky survivors are:

  • David King
  • Claudette Morel
  • Felix Richter
  • Feng Min
  • Jane Romero
  • Yun-Jin Lee

The Bloodweb

The Bloodweb, which you access to choose perks and items, will now have certain event specific items available, including the Will O’ Wisp flashlight, the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox Med-Kit, the Blight Serum, and a new Haunted by Daylight Blood point Offering. For those seeking to complete this events tome Haunted by Daylight, there is also the Arcane Dowsing Rod, available to both killers and survivors, which gives 100% Bloodpoint bonus to event hooks, completed event generator repairs, and Void Energy transfers. It also provides a directional cue when an Unstable Rift spawns within 24 meters near you.

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Killers can find the unique killer add-on the Blight Serum. This serum gives you 1 charge of Blighted Rush that replaces your killer power until it’s consumed. Blighted Rush allows you to dash forward. It’s only available during the Haunted by Daylight Event so enjoy it while you can.  

Event Tome

There is also a special Event Tome where players can grind through two pages of challenges split between both survivors and killers. These challenges include a new batch of Community Challenges, which can only be completed by the combined efforts of the entire community. But you’ll also have to do your fair share!

Haunted by Daylight - everything you need to know. Kate Denson Halloween cosmetic.
I’m not sure if this beats Kate’s Lady Volksfest cosmetic…

By completing this tome you’ll be able to unlock Kate Denson’s Cornfield Scarecrow and The Hag’s Swamp Creature cosmetic!

Enjoy the event (and its copious amount of bloodpoints) while it lasts!  

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Munchkin Big Box hitting Backerkit!



Hey, Munchkin Maniacs! Ready to level up your game nights? Dive into the ultimate Munchkin experience with the Munchkin Big Box! This collector’s bounty is packed to the brim with over 600 cards decked out in John Kovalic’s iconic art, not to mention the rad new gameboards, standees, and more surprises than you can shake a +1 Sword at!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Playable with 3-6 Players
  • Epic game time of 1-2 Hours
  • Perfect for ages 14+
  • BackerKit steal of $125
Picture courtesy of Steve Jackson Games – Disclaimer: Images Not Final and may change before game release

What you’re getting:

  • A mind-blowing 650+ cards including all your faves and new exclusives
  • A killer box that can hold over 2,000 cards and gear
  • Swanky card separators and dual gameboards for ultimate play
  • Six colorful dice, two Kill-O-Meters, and an updated rulebook to keep things spicy
  • 12 Standies in various colors, standie bases, and a playable bookmark because why not?
  • The cherry on top? A Limited Edition Spyke Enamel Pin and exclusive Munchkin decals!

Since its epic launch in 2001, Munchkin has been slaying at game nights worldwide. Now’s your chance to be part of the legend. Get ready to take a one-way ticket to Munchkin glory, and you need to do is click on to BackerKit and help this bad-boy come alive!

Picture courtesy of Steve Jackson Games – Disclaimer: Images Not Final and may change before game release

So, what are you waiting for? Summon your crew, back ’em on BackerKit, and let’s make the Munchkin Big Box a reality. Your adventure begins now – don’t miss out on the loot, the laughs, and the ultimate betrayal. Back it, unpack it, and start the munchkin madness cuz you KNOW HauntedMTL is up and ready to back!

Picture courtesy of Steve Jackson Games – Disclaimer: Images Not Final and may change before game release

Join the adventure on BackerKit and let’s slay this beast together! 🐉🗡️✨

Click here to back the Munchkin Big Box on BackerKit!

Don’t just play the game, BE the game. Let’s do this, Munchkinheads!


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Let’s! Revolution! @ PAX: Minesweeping Madness



Continuing with video games I got to try out at PAX East, I was delighted to demo Let’s! Revolution! the debut game by developer and publisher BUCK. BUCK has historically been an animation and design studio, notably having worked on Into the Spiderverse and Love, Death, & Robots. Let’s! Revolution! marks their first foray into the world of video game development. I found this so interesting, I spoke to the Creative Director for Let’s! Revolution! on his career and how BUCK navigated that transition (find it here).

Let’s! Revolution! is a roguelike puzzle game inspired by the classic game Minesweeper. In it, you play as one of six heroes fighting their way along the dangerous roads to the capital city. Once there, you can defeat the tyrannical king and save the kingdom from his reign. Released in July of 2023, the game has been met with high praise. Unsurprisingly, this includes the game’s artistic and musical direction (by the team at Antfood), which is both stylistic and beautiful.

Watch the console reveal trailer here for a taste of the delightful animation and music:

I had the opportunity to play a 20 minute demo of Let’s! Revolution! on the PAX East show floor. I played alongside the Creative Director and other people who worked on the game. It’s important to note that this wasn’t long enough to get a feel for all the characters or the replayability of the game. But, it was definitely long enough to be enchanted by the game and the passion of the people who made it. 


The core mechanics are inspired by Minesweeper. The player must use the power of deduction to uncover procedurally generated maze pathways to the exit. However, enemies are hidden along the way and can defeat the player before they reach their goal. Each character has their own special abilities that can help. Items and general abilities can also be bought or discovered to make your hero more powerful. All of these are limited in some way either by energy (your action currency) or limited uses per run.

A screenshot of gameplay from Let’s! Revolution!

From what I played, the gameplay is relatively simple with a mix of chance and strategy. I liked the cozy atmosphere, especially when combined with the ‘high stakes’ mechanics associated with Minesweeper. The UI was easy to understand and interact with while still being cohesive with the storytelling. And of course, the character design is exquisite and narratively driven, with many of the characters presenting as queer. 

Having released on consoles earlier this month (April 2024), Let’s! Revolution! is even easier to access than ever. Let’s! Revolution! is a perfect game for those who love cozy roguelites and beautiful (queer) aesthetics. I definitely recommend it for fans of roguelites looking to try something fresh. Look for it anywhere you game!

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Check out my other PAX posts here!

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Interview with Creative Director Michael Highland: Let’s! Revolution! @ PAX



Another game I had the chance to play at PAX East was, Let’s! Revolution!, a Minesweeper-inspired roguelite puzzle game by animation (and now game) studio, BUCK. I talk more about the game itself in another post. Here, I wanted to highlight the conversation I had with Michael Highland, the Creative Director for Let’s! Revolution! and his journey through video game development.

How did you become involved in video game development?

I studied digital media design in college; this was before there were many programs dedicated to game development. After graduating, I self-published a mobile game called Hipster City Cycle with friends. Over the next few years, I slowly got more freelance work as a game designer, and eventually landed a full-time role at thatgamecompany working on the follow-up to their 2012 GOTY Journey. I worked my way up there and was eventually the Lead Designer on Sky: Children of the Light. Working at thatgamecompany opened a lot of doors professionally. I eventually wound up at BUCK, where I saw the opportunity to help establish a new game studio within a very vibrant existing creative culture.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the development process?


Each studio has its own unique issues based on the people involved. There are commonalities like the need to fight feature creep and building consensus around ideas early in the process when all you have is an abstract grey box prototype to react to. At BUCK the biggest challenge has been channeling the abundance of creative energy and talent into a shippable product. There’s a ton of enthusiasm for games within the company, and without clear product-centric goals (who is the target audience, what platform are we releasing on, what’s the marketing strategy), projects have the tendency to spiral out of scope. Another challenge has been building credibility with publishers. BUCK has an amazing pedigree for animation and design, maybe the best in the world, but when we initially pitched ideas to publishers, they all said the same thing: looks great, but until you’ve shipped a game, you’re too high-risk. That’s what led to us self-publishing Let’s! Revolution! Now that we have a well-reviewed game out in the wild, I feel confident we’ll have more luck with publishers. 

BUCK primarily has its roots in animation, what led the decision to start branching into video game development?

It started with a general excitement about the medium and a desire among the staff to work on a game. Leadership at BUCK is all about providing the staff with exciting creative opportunities, and getting to work on a game, is, for some, a creative dream come true. And putting BUCK content out in the world is a point of pride and a boost to morale. From a business perspective, the fact we can staff out game projects with the top animation and design talent in the world is a huge advantage. We’re already starting to see new opportunities for the service side of the business based on the success of Let’s! Revolution! 

The art, unsurprisingly, is delightful. What were some of the priorities during the character design process and how did those influence the final hero designs?

Our Art Director Emily Suvanvej really led the charge on the look of the game. There are obvious influences like Studio Ghibli, Moebius, and Steven Universe. My shared goal with Emily was to make something together that reflected the diversity of the team’s artistic and lived experiences. The artists put so much love into the character designs and animation, it really shows. 


Some of the primary game mechanics take inspiration from Minesweeper, what was the process like to create your own interpretation of those classic mechanics?

This article goes into depth on this topic. The TLDR is that we took a very iterative approach, at each stage trying to identify what was working about the prototype and lean into that. The initial game concept came together relatively quickly in part because our goal for this project was just to finish a game. We just focused on what was good and kept building on it. I wouldn’t say the final game is “perfect” – but we wound up with a much bigger and higher quality experience than I expected by not letting perfectionism get in the way of making good better. 

Is there anything else you would like to plug or that you think is important for people to know about Let’s! Revolution! or other upcoming projects?

The music and sound design for the game is stellar. We worked with a creative audio company called Antfood and they knocked it out of the park. The audio got an honorable mention from IGF, which I think is extra impressive because most of the other games were audio-centric titles with some unusual hook to the sound design. For the OST, Antfood reworked all of the music from the game into a continuous flow, like a concept album. It’s so good. I love working with them.

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