It’s pretty surprising that it’s been almost 20 years since the last home-console release for Luigi’s Mansion. We’ve seen countless Super Mario releases, but not very much has came out of our scaredy-cat brother over the past decade. Either way, it’s great to see him back in a new ghost-busting adventure for a Halloween release.

Many early reviewers have enjoyed the game so far and its scores are looking pretty good. It seems like the long wait has paid off with an even bigger mansion to explore this time around and some added new features to the Poltergust G-00.

What’s Here?

This time around, while still being called Luigi’s Mansion, you actually explore a large hotel with an ever-sprawling design that’s more questionable and somewhat eerie from an architect’s point of view. The place looks innocent enough, until exploring deeper to find traps, ghosts, and a whole slew of environments that gets you wondering how it all manages to fit inside of a hotel.

Luigi’s Poltergust also has some added new features, including ‘Slam’, ‘Suction Shot’, and ‘Burst’. On top of that, Professor E. Gadd has equipped the Poltergust G-00 with his latest invention called Gooigi. This allows for access to outer areas that Luigi might have difficulty getting to, and for some added co-op.

The Characters

The usual cast of the Mushroom Kingdom make an appearance, including Mario, Peach, and Toad, albeit not for very long. Early on, the three are kidnapped, leaving Luigi to traverse the haunted hotel and find his lost friends. Rather, the game focuses on character’s unique to the series, namely Doctor E. Gadd and Luigi, as well as many new and varying ghost types. There is also the addition of a new villain, Hellen Graverly, alongside King Boo.


The game is coming to look like a very fun ghost-crawling adventure for Halloween. Writer and reviewer, Chris Kohler, at Kotaku says it’s “an eerie delight, from the lobby to the penthouse”. And IGN, Ryan McCaffrey, calls it “the real ghostbuster”. I’ve loved the series since it first came out in 2001 and am glad to see it build on the previous Gamecube and 3DS iterations.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be out this Halloween for the Nintendo Switch and what better time than October? Will you be playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and what do you think of the series? Let us know in the comments below and check back at HauntedMTL for all things horror and news.