Like Flies from Afar by K. Ferrari is a little hardboiled noir thriller set in the backdrop of Argentina. Our protagonist, Mr. Luis Machi, who finds an unidentified dead, mutilated body in the back of his car.

The Plot

Mr. Luis Machi is a wealthy narcissist who has pissed off all the wrong people. His life is centered on making money, spending money and owing nothing to no one. He doesn’t care about his wife, his children, and definitely not his business associates. But when his car breaks down and he finds an unidentified body in the trunk of his BMW, he begins to wonder if he should have treated his peers better. Over the course of 24 hours, Ferrari introduces us to all the people Mr. Machi did wrong, ranging from the waiters of his restaurant to his own body guard and the multitude of women he has affairs with.

The Verdict

Like Flies from Afar is a fun little fast-paced book. The descriptions are grotesque, the language vulgar, the characters appalling. Mr. Machi is difficult to sympathize with as he is despicable in every sense of the word, and that was a big reason why I had a lot of fun reading the book. I enjoy an extraordinary flawed character who keeps getting in their own way, a character I love to hate. The dark humor is a hit or miss, most of it being rather enjoyable and had me laughing out loud at the pure ridiculousness of it.

What was difficult to enjoy was how poor a lot of the writing is. Much of the dialogue and narration were derivative, things you’ve heard a million times before in a million different other noir novels (though I try to be a little lenient in this case, as the tone in the original work can get lost in translation).

Despite these critiques, I do recommend this book if you want to read a quick little noir thriller based outside the United States.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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