They look like they have it all: high-powered jobs, wealth, a beautiful Washington D.C. home, a cute little son, and the perfect marriage. Think again.

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The Plot

Avery Chambers is an unconventional therapist with unconventional methods and no license. If she can’t fix your issues in ten perfectly crafted sessions, no one can, says her clients.

Marissa and Matthew Bishop have it all until Marissa cheats. A friend recommends that Marissa involve Avery in her confession. Marissa does just that – she brings Matthew to Avery to confess her infidelity and to begin recovering their marriage in Avery’s ten step program.

As Avery works with the Bishops to make their marriage work, dark twists begin popping up. Is Marissa being stalked? By whom? Who did Marissa cheat on her husband with? Avery begins uncovering the dark underbelly of a seemingly simple therapy case.

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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Verdict

Hendricks and Pekkanen’s novels have always garnered the attention of the general public’s readership. Their other three novels were smash hits, just as The Golden Couple is set to be. The turning spire of a plot that the novel boasts will keep readers enthralled late into the night, as it did for me.

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Just as you feel that as a reader you have a grasp on the characters, their motivations, and their place in the amalgamation of a broken marriage, the game changes. It’s as if the floor slips out from under you over and over again, making you question your own sanity and loyalties. The final twist will all but knock you out.

I found this novel to be a fun mystery leading me to a thrilling conclusion that holds back not at all. Releasing tomorrow, March 8, 2022, this should definitely be your next read. You can check it out at MacMillan’s website here.

This novel is recommended for fans of novels like The Hunting Wives by May Cobb, a domestic thriller that traverses dangerous waters.

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