Welcome back to my series on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s comic series Preacher. Book two gives us religious cults and sex maniacs. Cassidy also reveals how he became a vampire, Tulip unveils more sides to her, and things get personal between Jesse and the Saint of Killers.

The Story

“What will you do when you get the almighty by the balls?”

The story begins with the Saint of Killers finding the skeletal remains of Jesse’s family in Texas, but Jesse is ten steps ahead of him. The Preacher, Tulip and Cassidy traverse west, where they wind up at a drug-fueled orgy and meet with Herr Starr, the German member of a cult called the Grail, whose primary mission is to protect Jesus Christs’ lineage and save the world.

Tulip gets ready to fight

“A Kraut”

We first meet Herr Starr when he holds the title of Sacred Execution of the Grail, a position one step below the leading title of Allfather. Although he lives in France, he traveled to the United States after learning of a man name Jesse Custer who holds the powers of heaven and hell. Starr belives that Jesse can fulfill the Grail’s prophecy of ending the world to save the world.

The problem, however, is that Herr Starr has no idea what Jesse Custer looks like. So the German cultist instead kidnaps Cassidy and takes him to France. It is here where we meet the grotesque, cruel, selfish Allfather, D’Aronique.

Jesse condemns Agent Hoover to count three million grains of sand on a beach.

“Blessed. Blessed”

D’Aronique, a strong believer in pure incest-filled bloodlines, is determined to have a fella named Humperdoo – a direct descendant of Jesus Christ – be the messiah. Unfortunately, Humperdoo’s brains are a bit scrambled on account of all the incest, making him incapable of doing anything.

Herr Starr plans to replace Humperdoo with Jesse. When he discovers that he kidnapped Cassidy instead, Starr hires a man named Frankie to torture the vampire, and Frankie obliges with his Lee-Enfield Rifle. Starr is fine with the mistake he made, because he knows Jesse is too faithful a friend to leave Cassidy behind.

Allfather D'Aronique,

And while Cassidy is hard to kill, he still feels all the pain a person can when they’re shot in the heart.

Tulip and Jesse make their way through France, but when it’s time to head to the Grail headquarters, Jesse leaves Tulip behind at a hotel. He more or less says something along the lines of, “it’s not because I’m sexist, or maybe it is, but I don’t want to risk losing you again even if I know you can hold your own and protect yourself. Don’t hate me. I’ll see you in New York.”

Tulip is rightfully pissed and destroys the hotel room, but has no other choice than to head back to New York. That’s the last we see of her for this book, as her relationship with Preacher lays in limbo.

“We Walk Between the Raindrops”

Meanwhile at Grail Headquarters, Jesse comes face to face with D’Aronique and Starr . The Saint of Killer also finds Jesse in France and the two make a deal; if Jesse can learn of the Saint’s forgotten past – and how he became who he was – the Saint will stop trying to kill Preacher.

With this new plan between the Saint and Preacher, all hell unleashes at the Grail. The Saint is killing anyone and everyone, and D’Aronique is desperate to save himself. Starr finds his way on the copter and rolls the Allfather off and into the sky, which results in the demise of Humerdoo and a Grail soldier.

With D’Aronique’s demise, Herr Starr becomes Allfather Starr.

Legend of a Vampire

Jesse and Cassidy manage to escape before Herr Starr blows the entire location up, and they find their way back to New York. In the last issue of book two, the comrades are on top of the Empire State Building. Cassidy tells Jesse a little bit about his history and how he became the man he is today. It’s an incredible story and a nice ending to an overall intense story.

Until Next Time…

Preacher Book Two shows how Dillon and Ennis aren’t holding back from getting more violent and gruesome while also expanding the story to new lengths. Dillon’s vibrant and explicit illustrations nicely compliment Ennis’ outlandish storylines. There are a handful of subplots and characters that can be difficult to keep track of (I know I’ve had to reread some chapters because I forgot who was who), but that is bound to happen in such a large series. What is especially impressive is how well the story paces itself out, balancing it’s exposition and slow moments with action and violence.

Later on in the series, we will learn more about the Saint and why he kills people and his small obsession with Jesse. We will also see what happens to Tulip and her relationship with Jesse, what Starr plans to do with the Grail next, and catch up on a loved character who was absent in book two.

Preacher's protagonists smile for the camera and say the word "Arseface."
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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