As spooky season is upon us, what would we rather do than read about the creepiest haunted house and its history?

The Plot

Simone St. James’ newest supernatural thriller follows Shea, a medical receptionist who runs her own true crime blog on the side. “The Book of Cold Cases” is Shea’s pet project, exploring the details of cold cases through the years. While her project is small, Shea develops an obsession with the Lady Killer case. Back in 1977, two men were shot in cold blood and notes in feminine script were left with the bodies.

Beth Greer, at the time of the murders, was tried and acquitted for both of the men’s slayings. Shea meets Beth and gains access to her story. Beth is finally telling her story and Shea will be the chosen writer to communicate exactly what happened in 1977 and why Greer mansion is a brooding, mysterious house every time Shea visits.

The Verdict

I am admittedly not a huge fan of Simone St. James. However, I always end up reading her thrillers because of my serious fearing of missing out. I pretty much always rate them middle of the road at a 3 Cthulhu rating.

The Book of Cold Cases is easily the best St. James thriller yet. The plot was captivating and I found myself engrossed in the mysteries of Shea and Beth. The only complaint I have is that I was sure there would be some twist or surprise near the end as most thrillers have, but that did not happen here. There is no twist – just a deep dive into what makes someone a killer.

Overall, this is a great read for fans of true crime as well as the general thriller genre.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
About the Author

Sarah Moon is a stone-cold sorceress from Tennessee whose interests include serial killers, horror fiction, and the newest dystopian blockbuster. Sarah holds an M.A. in English Literature and an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing. She works as an English professor as well as a cemeterian. Sarah is most likely to cover horror in print including prose, poetry, and graphic forms.

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