Riley Sager fan here! Every July for the last six years has been marked with a new thriller release from Sager. This year is no different and Sager brings the heat!

The Premise

Famous people interact on a secluded lake in Vermont. Our main character, Casey, a disgraced actress, has fallen out of favor because of her alcoholism following her husband Len’s drowning in Lake Greene. Her mother has sent her to the lake house to recover. What Casey is doing is far from recovering. Katherine, a former supermodel living with her husband across the lake, goes missing. Did her husband Tom kill her? Casey is on the search for the answer.

Casey’s search for the truth reveals much more than she bargained for.

The Verdict

Casey as a character is a great narrator. As we jump in time from then to now with her, we find ourselves questioning our own sanity as we try to piece the puzzle together. Sager is well known for a big, life-changing reveal at the end of each of his thrillers. The House Across the Lake is no different. Sager delivers a twist that some won’t see coming, but one that I did from a mile away.

Ranked List of Riley Sager’s thrillers so far:

  1. Survive the Night
  2. Final Girls
  3. Lock Every Door
  4. House Across the Lake
  5. The Last Time I Lied
  6. Home Before Dark

The House Across the Lake is a good thriller but is slower than some of Sager‘s other books. I find it difficult to rate a thriller whose twist I saw coming a five, but still a solid four Cthulus! As you can see from my overall rankings of Sager’s novels, this one ranks in the bottom half, but it is still a great one!

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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