That’s right! @StephenKing in overalls. This is the best horror book you’ll never buy. Only a lucky few have a copy of this page turner and when ol’ Doc got his mail yesterday, that number of ‘lucky’ rose by one.

Halloween. We all love the holiday. I mean, what’s there not to love for a horror fan? It’s the one time of year where we can turn on any random channel and hit a horror flick. Disney? Hocus Pocus! HBO? CastleRock Series on full blaze! Stars? One word–Groovy. Even that Kirk Cameron channel has a horror flick playing (technically, I think it’s supposed to be a fund raiser drive but have you seen what that dude’s been saying for the last few decades? **shiver**).

Don’t be jelly but you missing out on a lot of great haiku reviews!

Loving the holiday is one thing. Watching a horror movie on that day is one thing but have you ever wanted to watch 31 (33 ‘cuz who can count!) movies that month? Have you ever done that…and then wrote a haiku about it? Have you then drew Stephen King in overalls for a cover design? I didn’t think so.

Halloween 2017: Stephen King in Overalls is a blast from the pre-COVID past.

Remember going outside and when a high-five couldn’t kill you? Seems like many moons ago and yet there is a way back to that time–one of binge watching gems like Sharknado and utter shit like whateverthehellthatkirkcameronmovie was. It was a more carefree moment that we should have cherished a bit longer. This book will bring you back to those moments with such stunning haikus such as:

It is difficult / to put into so few words / how awful this is ** I’ll save you some time / boring ghost with backwards feet / bores someone to death / I am the Shitty Thing that Pretentiously Lives / Inside of Netflix.

Review of ‘I am the Pretty thing that lives in the house’.

From warnings to favorite movies to ponderings about life, the universe, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s singing voice Stephen King in Overalls has a bit of everything for the horror fan in you. Unfortunately, much like the Lemarchand’s Boxes, there are only so many copies in existence. However, much like our very own Boxhuman, you can read a bit of that spark here on HauntedMTL.

For those who want to check out some of the horror mentioned in the book (that you cannot read), go click below. Remember, we are an amazon connected site and if you buy, we do get a bit of a kick back.

If you have other books that are ‘the best book you cannot’ buy come drop us a line on Twitter @HauntedMTL and let us know what else ol’ Doc should be on the look out for in his Canadian mailbag of maple syrup goodness!

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