The third installment of Meg Gardiner’s UNSUB series chronicles the legion of the night – the Midnight Man. Striking in darkness, he invades homes, murders the parents, and psychologically damages the surviving children. The Midnight Man shows up in a black hoodie and baseball cap, his face obscured. The children remember one detail – all the eyes. Eyes painted on his hands and all over the walls in their parents’ blood.

Serial Killer Showdown

The well-loved Caitlin Hendrix of the first two books is here to help hunt this serial killer and get answers for the orphaned children of the Midnight Man cases. Caitlin has more in common with the killer as she uncovers his secrets. How many victims will emerge before Caitlin can capture the Midnight Man?

I am a huge fan of Gardiner’s UNSUB series and the first two books were easily five stars. I raced through the pages and reeled in the answers I received. Gardiner’s third additional to the UNSUB series is great, but doesn’t live up to the first two novels completely.

Cover of The Dark Corners of the Night

Without spoiling any of the novel’s reveals, the UNSUB in this book is just as interesting as the other two novels. Why does he orphan children? Why is his symbol an eye? How is he evading the police so easily? All of these questions about the Midnight Man kept me turning the pages well into the night. What lacked for me was the novel’s ability to keep me engrossed in the in-between, in the internal musings of Caitlin and her team. This novel did not feel as dynamic as the other two.

Fan of Criminal Minds?

I’ve always felt that these books were similar to Criminals Minds but in word form. Criminal Minds has interesting UNSUBs and a team and their inner workings that interests you as well. This is where I felt The Dark Corners of the Night did not live up to its predecessors. The UNSUB was thrilling, but the team working on the case was less than. I know Caitlin has more to her because I’ve seen it in the other books. That part of the narrative just wasn’t there this time around.

I will say though, the UNSUB of this novel is killer. No pun intended – sort of. The darkness that surrounds the Midnight Man and his circumstances make this one a must read. Fans of the UNSUB series will see everything they know and love here. I wish it reached all the way up to meet the other books in the series at a five star rating, but it still makes it to four.

TV Release photo for Amazon

This series will make an amazing television show for Amazon for sure. Fans of Criminals Minds must check out these novels and the new series that is coming soon to Amazon.

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
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