Watching a show years after its original air date has its downsides, that’s for sure. But when a season ends in a gut-wrenching cliffhanger, I’m really glad I don’t have to wait for the next season to find out what happens.

This episode is one of those season enders. 

We start with Dexter and Arthur face to face, in the police station. Dexter can’t hide behind a fake name anymore. But Trinity can’t hide either. And it isn’t just Dexter who’s closing in.

As always, the police detectives are surprisingly good at their jobs. Especially Deb. She manages to interview the little boy Trinity kidnapped without emotionally destroying him as she did to the Ice Truck victim in season one. She’s become a little more patient, a little more aware of how other people are feeling. And these things make her a much better detective.

Her being a better detective leads to the discovery of a ten-year-old victim found buried in the cement of a Four Walls home. Which leads them to Arthur.

Her detective skills also lead her to find out exactly who Dexter’s mother was. And by extension, who his older brother was.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s worried about Rita and the kids. He knows that Trinity is dangerous. And Trinity knows who he is now. So he makes sure that his family is out of harm’s way. Cody and Astor are going to Disney with their grandparents. And Dexter plans a honeymoon with Rita, sending her on ahead of him while he ties up some loose ends.

By loose ends, I mean Trinity.

Of course, it isn’t that easy. Dexter runs into trouble left and right. He’s arrested at one point for hitting a sheriff. Rita has to go pick him up from jail.

Through all of this, Dexter comes upon a realization. His family, his sister, wife and kids, love him. They want him in their lives. Deb and Rita both tell him that their lives are better because of him. 

Dexter is starting to think that maybe he can get better. That he doesn’t have to carry his dark passenger forever. Maybe he can stop being a monster and become what he’s always wanted to be. Human.

But then the episode ends the way it does and ruins that dream.

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