If you’ve seen the rest of the episodes of Dexter, or if you’ve read my reviews, then you know that the show tends to be a bit formulaic. Almost every series finale hits the same beats. 

There is something Dexter has to do, desperately. But he’s interrupted first by his family, then by his work. Eventually, he gets the bad guy by a combination of luck and thinking on his feet.

This we already know. But here’s the great thing about Dexter. It sticks to a rigid formula and still manages to surprise us.

Dexter has his bag packed, ready to go find Lumen. But he opens his apartment door to find the kids, their grandparents and Sonya standing there. The kids are happy to see him. They want to spend the Summer with him. And it’s exactly what he wants. It’s just the worst timing ever. 

When he’s able to get to the office, he finds the place abuzz. Liddy’s body was found, and all hands are needed. Including Dexter’s. When they arrive at the scene, he’s worried that signs will point to him. That would make sense, seeing as how he killed Liddy. But it takes no time at all for signs to point right at Quinn. And when you think about it, the signs don’t look good for Quinn. He does the smart thing and gets a lawyer right away. 

Meanwhile, Chase is hiding away with Lumen. He knows Dex will come for her. He thinks he’s ready. Everyone always thinks they’re ready for Dexter. No one ever is. It’s not a surprise that Dexter and Lumen killed Jordan Chase. The surprise is how fast Deb finds them. Too fast for anyone’s liking.

We end this season on a high note, though. Harrison is turning one. The kids are staying for the Summer. And Dexter is happy with Lumen. Even when Luman says she has to leave, he understands. 

But his dark passenger is still there. And while he sees the people in his life finding joy in one another, he finds that he can’t do the same. He is a spot of darkness in the sunlight, but as usual, no one seems to notice.

I’m interested to see where this season goes. I can’t imagine it’s going to be any brighter. But I’ll see you soon with the premiere of season six. 

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