If you haven’t seen episode nine of this season, you might want to do that first. Because if we’re going to keep talking about this season, I’m going to have to spoil the twist. 

Ready? Here we go.

Dexter’s found the dead body of Professor Gellar in the basement. It doesn’t take Travis long to shut the basement door behind Dex and lock him down there.

Through a conversation between Travis and his dark companion, we find out that the reason Professor Gellar vanished was that Travis killed him three years ago, trying to prove he couldn’t die. Turns out Gellar could die, and in fact did. 

But Travis isn’t ready to let that stop him. He may be crazy, but he’s no quitter. He’s moved past student and is ready to be a master himself. After scrolling through the comments and responses on Gellar’s blog. Eventually, he finds Doomsday Adam and his wife, Beth. Adam is ready for anything.

Anything turns out to be hunting down Holly, the whore of Babalon that Travis released earlier, and brutally killing her. 

Beth isn’t so thrilled with this turn of events. But it doesn’t take a lot of convincing from Travis to get her on board.

Dexter is struggling through this episode. He struggles first to find Holly. Then, he struggles to find the boat she’s hiding on. 

Above all that, he’s struggling with Deb. She’s in pain, struggling with the worlds of trauma she’s experienced. He doesn’t know how to help her, and he feels bad about this. He doesn’t understand emotions, but he knows that he loves Deb.

The end of this episode goes very wrong for Dexter. He finally finds the boat containing Holly. He believes at first that he’s found Travis on the boat with her.

It’s not Travis, though, it’s Adam. Travis is back onshore, luring Angel into a trap. Even worse, there’s something else on the ship. Something that Travis refers to as wormwood.

Never before has Dexter felt like he needed help to save people. But this time, he can’t stop what is essentially a toxic bomb. In the end, though, he makes the call. 

Who’s to say what will come of this?

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