Dexter isn’t doing so well at the start of this episode. He’s doing his best to follow the strict rules Deb’s put in place to keep him from killing people. But it’s making him rather tense.

Tense enough that he’s fantasizing about killing people. Slicing a woman’s neck at the post office. Shoving a pen in Masuka’s eye. Beating a suspect in a holding room.

Wait, no, he actually did that last one.

Something has to change. It’s becoming more and more clear to him that if he doesn’t find an outlet for his homicidal urges, they’re going to come out in a way that is entirely beyond his control.

So, he tries to talk Deb into letting him kill someone. A man named Speltzer, specifically. Dexter’s been following him, and he’s sure Speltzer is about to lure a woman to her death.

Deb isn’t about to just let him kill Speltzer. But she does agree to watch him. She watches him right up to the point where she has probable cause to run into his house and save a woman he, you know, lured to her death.

This isn’t Dexter’s only concern in this episode, of course. He’s entirely fed up with Louis’s harassment. Already in a mood, he’s decided to make sure Louis isn’t in his life anymore.

Dexter starts with getting Louis fired. Louis should have expected this one, though. He handed Dexter the means of getting rid of him, after all.

(I’ll be here all week.)

After that, it was a simple task to send Jamie a video of Louis sleeping with a prostitute. And just like that, Louis isn’t a problem anymore.

Well, it’s not that easy. It’s never that easy. Seeking revenge, Louis goes to Dexter’s boat intending to sink it. Instead, he’s accosted by Isaak and his scary bodyguard. They tracked a GPS link that Viktor was wearing, and used that to track Dexter’s boat down.

A little far-fetched, but I’ll allow it. That’s the thing about this show. Everyone is wildly smart when it’s convenient.

Isaak isn’t the sort to leave loose ends. So instead he leaves Louis dead on Dexter’s boat. So while Louis is done, he’s not done making a mess of Dexter’s life. 

I’m interested to see how this plays out. 

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