There’s been some space between this review and the end of season seven. That’s because the last episode of Dexter left me feeling shaken. I wasn’t sure where the story was going to go after Deb shot Maria. I didn’t think it was going to be anywhere good. 

At first, though, it seems like everything is great. Dexter’s feeling good. He’s bowling again, hooking up with random blonds. He’s coaching Harrison’s soccer team and killing people again.

The only real problem he has is that Deb has all but vanished from his life. She seems to have vanished out of everyone’s life.

If Dexter is living his best life, Deb is living her worst. Unable to cope with the guilt of killing Maria, she quit her job and started working as a bail jumper. Then she vanished while on a job. She’s been living with a man named Briggs, who she was supposed to be bringing in. They’re doing drugs, causing trouble.

Jennifer Carpenter is an exemplary actor. She plays this emotionally broken character perfectly, even down to the worrying facial tics you’d expect to see. 

Deb claims she’s waiting to get her hands on the jewels Briggs stole. But it becomes obvious pretty soon that she has actual feelings for him. 

Dexter is trying to save Deb from herself. But as always, he has other problems. A body is found with half its head cut off. A part of the brain was scooped out with precision. 

This catches the attention of a Neurologist who works for the police department, named Dr. Vogel. She seems interested in Dexter right from the start. And to quote Taylor Swift, I knew she was trouble when she walked in. 

She’s too smart, paying too much attention to Dexter. Those kinds of people don’t live long.

Dexter’s not at his best. Without Deb around to steady him he’s lashing out at everyone around him. He nearly attacks a guy who cuts him off in traffic. He yells at Harrison. Overall, he’s just kind of being a dick. I’m hoping he gets himself under control.

But I don’t think that’s likely. 

You know, over the last seven seasons we’ve seen Dexter struggle with his father issues. But we haven’t seen much concerning his mother issues. He lost his mother, Laura Moser. Then he lost his adopted mother, Mrs. Morgan. For some reason, Dr. Vogel is giving off strong maternal vibes. 

The last few moments, which I don’t want to ruin for you, make me think she might step in as a mother figure for Dexter. If not, she might end up on his table. 

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