Voleth Meir

This is the second to last episode of Netflix’s Witcher. And things are speeding up at a ridiculous pace. 

Geralt in Witcher Season Two Voleth Meir.

Ciri and Yennefer are through the portal. Ciri insists they have to go back and save Geralt. Yennefer, thinking this is a good way to lure Ciri to the Deathless mother without too much fight, agrees. Together they travel through a breathtaking landscape, discovering the amazing depths of Ciri’s magic along the way. It’s clear to Yennefer, and quite clear to all of us watching, that her powers are only growing. 

If Yennefer didn’t already have reasons to rethink betraying this kid, this might be enough to give her pause.

Meanwhile, Geralt saves Jaskier from the prison he’s being held in. This might be more of a relief for the jailer than for Jaskier, as the bard’s been serenading a group of rats in his cell. 

The two put their heads together and realize a few things. Yennefer doesn’t have her magic, but she does have a clever way to get it back. By working with the Deathless Mother and giving her Ciri. 

Geralt wastes no time finding the girls and putting a sword to Yennefer’s throat. She tells him she’s had a change of heart, that she doesn’t want to surrender this child anymore.

Jaskier in Witcher Season Two Voleth Meir.

Great timing.

While all of this is going on, a character I haven’t paid much attention to makes a horrifying discovery. 

Francesca, the queen of the elves, had a baby a few episodes ago. It’s the first true elf baby to be born in years, and a symbol of hope for her people. Besides, of course, being her child. She wakes to find the baby dead in its cradle.

Her moment of pain and rage is enough to awaken the Deathless Mother. Which I can’t imagine is going to be good for anyone but Mother herself. 

The weakness of this season is the pacing. The first five or so episodes drug on and on, with boring scenes and dull side quests that didn’t matter. Then this episode felt rushed, as though they’re trying to fit in as much as possible. This would have been an easy fix if so much time hadn’t been wasted at the beginning.

There’s just one episode left. I’m interested to see if they can fix these pacing issues. But I fear it might be too late for that. 

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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