CHICAGO, Ill. — Long-standing urban legend Bloody Mary announced today that she is considering legal action against fellow folklore celebrity the Candyman. Rather than holding a press conference, Mary gave her statements to a reporter who contacted the infamous entity directly via mirror. “It was pretty confusing, honestly,” said Jennifer Robinson, who conducted the interview. “My friend Sara told me her sister said you had to look in the mirror and say Bloody Mary’s name 13 times, but my cousin’s girlfriend said you only have to say it three times,” the reporter explained. “My other friend Jessica told me you needed to light a candle, so I brought a few of those. She also said that you had to spin around after saying Bloody Mary’s name, so I was kind of dizzy when she actually showed up. I did it like 20 times so she’d be sure to hear me.”

The name game

Bloody Mary told Ms. Robinson that she was concerned about the popularity of local Chicago legend Candyman, who can also be summoned by repeating his name into a mirror. “I’ve been doing the mirror thing for hundreds of years,” Bloody Mary asserted. “Way back when, girls used to summon me to try to see a vision of their future husbands. For decades now, kids at slumber parties have dared each other to call me. And have you checked YouTube lately? There’s a Bloody Mary Challenge video on there with like 13 million views. I’ve still got it.”

Candyman, whose legend gained prominence in the 1990s, is a vengeful Chicago-area spirit who can be summoned by saying his name in a mirror five times. “I totally get why he’s out for revenge,” Bloody Mary said of Candyman. “What happened to him was completely messed up. But the name-in-the-mirror thing is mine. You don’t see me going around painting on walls or filling toilets with bees, do you? No, that’s his thing. I respect other people’s intellectual property.”

Candyman’s signature swarm of bees.

Despite high demand from the public, Bloody Mary refused to comment on her own mysterious origins. “I know everyone thinks that I was some killer queen, or that I drink the blood of virgins, or that I’m a witch,” she told Ms. Robinson. “But I never tell all my secrets. That’s how I keep them coming back.”

Bloody Mary says she hopes she and Candyman can work out their differences without resorting to legal action. “Sure, I could go down to hell and get a crack legal team,” she said. “But I’d rather save us both the trouble, you know?” When asked if she had spoken directly with Candyman about her concerns, Bloody Mary admitted that they hadn’t yet discussed the issue in person, but that she was hoping to contact him soon via mirror. “I hope he’s home next time I call,” she said. “I keep getting Helen instead, and she never gives him my messages.”

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