This episode of Dexter starts with a bit of a scare. Dex is woken by Harrison calling for him. When Dexter reaches the kitchen, we see red stains on the ground.

Don’t worry, it’s not blood. Harrison’s reached the kids are stupid age. He ate a whole box of red popsicles and gave himself a stomachache. 

Of course, Harrison isn’t the only one making bad decisions. In fact, according to his aunt Deb, he’s making great life choices. 

Deb wakes up in the night, drunk in her car. She ran into a parking meter and is arrested for DUI. Quinn picks her up and tries to talk her down. But she’s not in the mood to listen to anyone right now.

Meanwhile, Vogel finds a box set gift on her front porch. More bits of brains in jars. With this new pressure, Dexter ramps up his hunt.

It doesn’t seem that we’re going to meet the Brain Surgeon this episode, though. Instead, we meet a first for Dexter, a cannibal.

Dexter is visibly grossed out, finding a finger in some stew. This scene was hilarious. Since Dexter usually keeps his emotions off his face, seeing him freak out over the finger stew was extra delightful.

While Dexter was hunting the killer cannibal, Deb came to a decision that isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Incredibly drunk, she goes to the police station and tries to confess to killing Maria.

Thankfully, Quinn’s the first person she sees. He manages to get her in an interrogation room and calls Dexter. Dex decides the best thing to do is bring Dr. Vogel.

Vogel is a psychiatrist, after all. That might not be the worst idea. Though I don’t know that Dexter sticking her was the best idea. For a lot of reasons.

Dexter is tearing himself up over Deb. But Dr. Vogel thinks that he’s not worried about her. She thinks he only loves what Deb does for him. He doesn’t care about her. I don’t think that’s the case, but I understand why she thinks that.

What worries me is that this doesn’t seem to worry her. She considers Dexter perfect, just the way he is.

Can’t say anyone would agree with her. But she seems to look at Dex through mother’s eyes. 

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