No lions?

This is the second to last episode and we all know that means. Everything is going to go horribly wrong. 

Ralph, Holly, and co. have succeeded in protecting Claude from El Coco’s first attack. Things are looking good for the team. The monster is on the run and both Claude and the little boy are safe.

Obviously, that isn’t going to last.

Holly realizes that it’s a bad idea to let Claude know anything about their plans. She Outsider episode nine, Hollyknows that El Coco is in his head and that whatever Claude knows, the monster knows. And so while the team plans to locate the monster, Claude is sent on a mission to get fried chicken. Because if there’s one thing King is good at, it’s making sure his characters are fed.

Too bad Claude’s brother is too stupid to realize that Holly is always right. 

A lot of this episode is a flashback of two little boys being lost in a series of caves. The way this was portrayed was as scary as hell. We see a group of men, including the boy’s father, walking through the caves searching for them. We hear them calling, and the boys call back. But it’s just the echoes. They don’t ever find them. The boys, and eventually their rescue team, die in the caves. And the thought of that, the slow terror of wandering around in those caves as the lights go out one by one, it’s chilling. That’s the sort of thing that will visit me in my nightmares. The false hope of hearing a child call, and not being able to reach them.

Outside Episode nine, JackThis episode dove into real terror. And it doesn’t let up, right until the end. We see Jack, possessed by El Coco, aim his gun. And we hear the gun go off. But the screen has already gone black.

There’s just one episode left. And I’m down for the conclusion. Will you be watching it with me?

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)