And for once, the title actually makes sense! 

Episode six of HBO’s The Outsider proved once again that if you add extra content to a show with consideration to the source material instead of just inserting fluff that offends anyone with a brain, it can work out well.

This episode revolved around Holly trying to reach the rest of the characters to finally share her findings. She nearly dies along the way when she hallucinates a truck in front of the bus she’s riding on and almost causes an accident. She does arrive in one piece, but the monster isn’t done with her. Jack, sent to pick her up at the bus station, sees the words Stop Her written in blood on the wall. 

In this he fails. 

Holly’s able to attend a meeting with all of the characters involved. And this meeting Outsider episode six, hollymanages to give a good recap of all of the evidence so far. It was really useful if you’ve been creeping on Instagram while watching this. If you’re someone like me, who was watching it properly, it didn’t fail to entertain. Holly was nervous as hell, and she had reason to be. It was a well-done scene. A believable scene.

What was less well done is Jack’s punishment for failing to stop Holly. The monster sends his dead mother to beat him nearly to death as punishment.

Outsider episode six, pic twoI know this was meant to be quite a serious moment, but it just failed. It was laughable at best, sad at worst. It was all over cringe-inducing to watch and a marked lapse in taste. I could forgive a lapse in taste if it was scary. But in that, it failed spectacularly.

Aside from this, though, the episode was good. The difficulties Holly had getting to the meeting weren’t in the novel, but they fit well. They make sense.

We’re ramping up to the end now, more than halfway there. And I can’t wait to see how it plays out. 

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)