GenCon–It’s that time of year again, and conventions are coming out in full force but none of them fuller or force-ier than the big monster slaying behemoth known as GenCon.


They’ve got it? Horror games are a plenty at GenCon with many new products, kickstarters, and beta testing opportunities abound. Ever want to talk to the brains and artistic majesty behind some of your favorite (and ones you’ve yet to discover as a new fav!) horror games and books? This is the place to be–hands down–the best con I attend for getting all the hot scoops on what’s new in horror.

Content creator?

GenCon gots you covered. Ever wonder that that ‘edge’ is that will take you from entry to supreme overlord of your domain? Take a gander at one of the hundreds of panels and workshops offered at GenCon. Experts across their fields are ready to fill your head with goodies to ding you up to the next level of your craft.

Where’s Doc?

As always, I plan on doing the semi-popular ‘come find Doc’ for all of the HauntedMTL audience. Wanna have a crack about a story idea? Movie? Graphic Novel? New game idea? Maybe you just want the prize of the day? The only way to do that is to come find me–the first few lucky ones gets a bit of swag. Don’t know what I look like? I’m the tall one who uses soap.

Going to GenCon2020? Need a horror gamer partner? Drop me a line! I’ve always got time to play between rounds of Tower of Gygax 🙂