This is my first week back at my day job as a teacher. Why do I mention this? Well, I teach English at a community college, and for my class this semester, I have gone with a theme about monsters. The first week was great, and I even got to talk about horror in theoretical terms, something I am wanting to write about here, at Haunted MTL.

We’ll just need to see when that happens. Anyway, here is a weekly smattering of cool and creepy things.


I was recently turned toward this Planet Weird series called Hellier, which is a documentary that starts off exploring goblin sightings in rural Kentucky but explodes outward from there into many other paranormal directions. The episodes are roughly 45 minutes and I have watched 13 of them since I started watching earlier this week.

So, obviously I am really enjoying it.

I am expecting we’ll be covering it here on site, but I am going to make sure that a close friend of mine does this. Someone who is all about all of this paranormal material. Keep your eyes peeled for some impressions or reviews.

Guns Akimbo

I really, really love how damn weird Daniel Radcliffe has been in his film choices. This dude is going places. The film also has my horror-crush Samara Weaving in it as well. It reminds me of a very high-octane Videodrome, honestly. Like, what if you put David Cronenburg on speed and made a movie about the ideas he started spitting out.

In other words, I need to see Guns Akimbo.

So do you. Do it for Harry Potter.

The Well of Sheshna
There is a wonderful photo of this location on Flickr. It’s worth a good look.

I’ve been wanting to find someone to cover really crazy paranormal stuff on the site for a while. I, of course, have a more developed interest in it now having dived into close to 11 or 12 hours of Hellier.

It was really interesting how just as I am going down this rabbit hole, a good friend of mine, Robert, creator of the hilarious Tom n’ Artie started talking about the Well of Sheshna in India. In my heart of hearts, I fully wish for a Haunted MTL investigatory Youtube channel… and you damn well better believe we’d do an episode on the Well of Sheshna. If you want a fun read, this thread on Tapatalk is really interesting.

I’d love to dive into the topic further, but sources I feel comfortable working from are few and far between. But basically, this quasi-religious structure in India features a flooded chamber where there is said to be a door to an unground Naga society, Patala. It’s all very much about reptilians, secret ruling races, and all that fun stuff from what I have seen.

Naturally, we had some jokes about the Nagas trying to keep us out because we’re jerks.

I really like this take on the Naga by Jean Vervelle.

Music Corner

Again, my friend Robert delivers. His friend is in this band, called Gravebloom, which is very on-brand for this website. They just released their first album. So why not give it a listen?

As always, you can reach out to us on Twitter if you feel like we should cover something on the Weekly Wail!

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