Welcome to this week’s edition of the Weekly Wail. We cover a smattering, or more to the point, a splattering, of horror-related topics weekly. We grab a lot of this stuff from social media, so you can always send stuff our way on Twitter. We’d love to cover it.

Make ’em NASTY, just the way I like ’em

This cool tweet shows off some of William Stout’s amazing concept art for some of the zombies in The Return of the Living Dead. I’ve never been huge on The Return of the Living Dead but it has some memorable-ass zombies. Tar-Man, specifically, is a visual delight.

It also has a nude, punked-out Linnea Quigley dancing naked in a graveyard.

You know, I guess I am a pretty big fan of The Return of the Living Dead.


Would it be gauche to get that Tar-Man drawing tattooed on my body? Like, right on my chest, center-mass?

Precious Little Terrors

The Weekly Wail has become a social media survey for horror stuff, but it’s been pretty fun to share some really weird and fun stuff horror fans are putting out there.

For example, there is an Instagram account that shows the creations of one mad lad turning Precious Moments figures into tiny terrors.

These things are wonderfully done. I remember my grandmother had a ton of these, as I think most grandmothers of the Millenials of the United States did.

If you are dying to buy one, Keith Busher has them for sale on his Etsy store.

See you next week!

I leave you to consider this tweet. Really soak it in and let it marinate for a while. I feel like Pinhead, introducing you to a whole new world of painful delights.

See you all next week on the Weekly Wail.

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