It’s been a while since we did a social media trawl on the Weekly Wail, and it seems like now is as good a time as ever.

Welcome to “Casket Land”

Okay, so this is pretty dope. It’s a tabletop role playing game. It has the look and feel of an indie-comics mashup of a western and Diablo. I absolutely love the concept and this is something I am desperate to play.

Best of all, it appears to be free! Perhaps the Haunted MTL writers should arrange for a Zoom play-through. Let us know if you want to see that in the comments!

Memes for Days

A fun trend is always worth a look. This one asks for a favorite werewolf, vampire, zombie, and slasher film. What would you choose? Did you join the fun?

Why don’t you play the game?

Horror gaming is particularly big in indie games right now. This game looks very interesting and you can get it bundled with several other games at a very affordable price.

If you get a chance to play it please let us know what you think.

Happy Birthday H. P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft, (lovecraft or hatecraft him) is an icon of horror and his birthday is of note. This great illustration by RabidRacoon13 on Reddit really evokes the author, his work, and is stylish to boot.

Good stuff.

Re-Animator, always re-lated

We’re big fans of Herbert West here at Haunted MTL, and this fantastic illustration of an iconic moment is cool as hell. Love the expressiveness of the face. I would personally love to see an animated version of Re-Animator. Maybe… Re-Animator Re-Animated.

Virtual Convention Notice

Want something fun to do for the next couple of days? Check out all these free panels and events at Fantasia Festival 2020. I am super-interested in the John Carpenter event…

I hope you enjoyed this installment of The Weekly Wail. Please let us know what you think and if you want to see more social media highlights!

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