Welcome back. Last week I took some time to outline the first episode of a Friday the 13th reboot miniseries. The whole thing sprung up after re-watching the series and deciding that I wanted to develop a story that felt more cohesive.

Where we last left off, we discovered that there have been yearly murders in a county around the Crystal Lake area for a couple of decades. With the attempt to re-open Camp Crystal Lake as a sort of upper-class escape for kids, Pamela Voorhees, mother of a child who went missing at the camp back in the 1980s, has been protesting the decision to reopen the campgrounds.

Also, she used black magic to bring her son back to life, who she has had chained up in a basement for twenty years, what with him coming back “wrong” and all.

Chapter Two: The Woman in the Woods

We begin with a cold open in the 1990s. Pamela is enjoying herself in a bar and decides to take a handsome stranger home to her cabin in the woods. She is in the middle of loving him in a biblical sense when he is alarmed by sounds below the floor. He asks if she has a kid. She tells him to ignore it and they get back to lovemaking. Suddenly, an enraged teenage Jason bursts into the room and rips the man from Pamela and beats him to death. Jason shudders on the floor, almost orgasmic, with his fists caked in blood. Pamela scolds him but then goes to comfort her son. We do not see his face yet.

“It’s okay,” she tells him, “nothing will come between us.”

Back in the present, Alice has gone to the Sheriff’s office to ask about the incident at the camp back in the 1980s. Sheriff Savini tells her to stop stirring up trouble but reluctantly grants her access when she mentions seeing that Ms. Voorhees was in the camp records back then. He’s had trouble with her for years, now.

Meanwhile, the final day of preparation is at an end at the camp. The counselors are having a barbecue but it is interrupted by an aggravated Pamela Voorhees. She has come to the camp with a machete and begins hacking away at buildings, ropes, and tries to slice open the canoes. She demands the camp be closed. Several counselors try to restrain her and she manages to slice one of them deeply along the arm.

They finally manage to pin her down, but in a moment of distraction she kicks one of the counselors in the groin and darts off into the woods, leaving behind her machete.

Alice and Sheriff Savini are combing through records as Alice suggests that Pamela might have more information on the 1980s massacre. They are interrupted by a deputy who informs them that crazy ol’ Pamela was at the camp and sliced up a kid while trying to wreck the place. Sheriff Savini tells his deputy, Deputy Cunningham, to do a welfare check on Ms. Voorhees at her cabin. Cunningham, clearly concerned, asks if he can have some backup. Savini sends Deputy Hodder along as well. They bring tasers in case she proves to be too much of a handful.

Alice suggests she and Savini head to the camp to retrace the path of destruction within the camp in the 1980s. Specifically, she wants to see if anything might have been overlooked. Savini agrees, albeit reluctantly, as he needs to head to the camp anyway to take statements about the most recent incident.

Cunningham and Hodder pull off the side of the road and step out as the drive up to the Voorhees cabin has not been kept up. The two discuss stories they’ve heard about the reclusive woman. When they finally arrive at the cabin they notice the door is open. They are being watched. They attempt to establish contact with her but fearing the worst and having probable cause, they enter.

Inside they see the place reflects Pamela’s shattered mental state. Everything is dirty and foul, with the exception of a small child’s bedroom, which has been kept immaculately clean. Caught off guard, a massive figure grabs Hodder and smashes his face against the stone fireplace. Cunningham tasers the giant man, who falls to his knees and looks up at him, roaring. We see Jason’s deformed face. Jason begins to rise, shaking off the taser, but Cunningham pulls his gun and shoots Jason in the knee, bringing him down again.

Cunningham steadies his aim to kill Jason when he is bashed in the back of the head by a rock. He falls to the ground, twitching, as Pamela stands over him. She scolds Jason for getting loose as he whimpers. She comforts him again, just as she did in the flashback, and dips her fingers into the pool of blood pooling around Cunningham’s head.

She takes her bloodied fingers and rubs the bullet wound in Jason’s leg. He whimpers, again, very childlike, and we see the wound begin to bubble and heal, albeit in the form ghastly pustules and tumors. She leads her boy back down to the basement and chains him up again.

Having taken statements and it being so late, Savini suggests the survey of the area can wait until after he checks on Ms. Voorhees. Alice, annoyed, has no choice but to agree and instead retires to the faculty bunks to do some studying of the records again.

On her way back she runs across Mr. Eddie Jarvis who is wishing his son, Tommy, off. Tommy won’t be staying at the camp. He’ll be heading home with his mom, Trish. Eddie is the head counselor and asks Alice if she’s excited to see the kids tomorrow. She wonders if the camp will be safe, especially given what happened earlier that evening. Eddie reassures her that Camp Crystal Lake is entirely safe.

We return to Pamela’s cabin. In a frenzy of activity, she begins gathering weapons. In the basement, Jason darts his head back and forth as he hears his mother scuffing the floor above him. We cut back to Pamela tripping over Hodder’s body and kicking it in anger. Blood pooled below the officer falls between the cracks in the floorboards and splashes on the dusty floor in front of Jason. He wipes up the dust and blood with his muscular fingers and brings it to his lips.

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