Week four of the 61 Days of Halloween includes 8 films instead of seven thanks to a special double feature to celebrate the end of summer. So, how were the spoils, and what was my #1 choice?

#8 – Verotika

I think this one was uploaded as a joke.

#7 – 0.0 MHz

This Korean ghost film is pretty fun. 0.0 MHz follows a ghost club that investigates the site of an exorcism gone terribly wrong. The film plays pretty heavily with horror tropes that you’d see in American horror films. It’s not the most fascinating movie this week, but it’s watchable and ends up being an interesting blend of American-style tropes with elements of Korean culture.

#6 – Lake of Death

Lake of Death is a Norwegian horror film that follows a group of youths who spend time in a cabin on a lake. One of them suffered a horrible tragedy at the lake, and yet she ends up going to the lake with her friends for… reasons.

The movie is kind of a mess and it tries to go a couple of different routes that seem incompatible with some odd misdirects that go nowhere. It ultimately just ends up a confusing film with few scares going for it.

#5 – Mortuary

You’re basically just seeing Mortuary for a young Bill Paxton. The movie offers no real surprises as it’s more or less a boilerplate slasher with a mortuary gimmick, though it does offer a couple of odd curveballs that are less entertaining and more bizarre. It is pretty much stock 1980s horror; a killer, a gimmick, and made on the cheap.

#4 – Creepshow 2

Now we’re getting somewhere. While Creepshow 2 does not live up to the highs of the original, only featuring three stories, it still is a lot of fun. Sorely missing is George A. Romero behind the camera who only takes on writing duties this go-around. Of the segments, “The Raft” may be the most bleakly hilarious and horrifying and stands out among the stories across the franchise. None of the segments are terrible, though the wrap-around segments with the bullied kid are fairly basic and nowhere near as satisfying as the first film’s wrap-around.

#3 – The Beach House

My top three for week four ended up being fairly challenging to rank. I was quite taken with The Beach House, though. The film follows a couple who vacation at a beach house only to encounter strangeness in the environment that might be a sign of something far bigger and more horrifying.

The film is slow, but I love slower films that really ratchet up the tension and The Beach House does this quite well. I recommend coming into this film blind, so I won’t spoil it, but it’s definitely one of my favorite recent exclusives on Shudder, for sure.

#2 – Scare Package

I adore Scare Package ever since I caught the premiere on The Last Drive-In last season. For the skinny, I suggest reading my lengthy review I wrote for my Last Drive-In feature here.

Shudder has shown a lot of anthologies over the 61 Days of Halloween and that is because horror tends to work quite well in the anthology format. Among the anthologies, I’d argue Scare Package is one of, if not the best that has been run so far.

And I am not just saying that because I won a giveaway.

#1 – Hellraiser

It’s been pretty obvious that my number #1s each week have been films I grew up with. I fully admit my selections are fairly safe. When it comes down to it, however, Hellraiser is an incredible film. It’s dark, poetic, and horrifying.

Hellraiser is a classic and slotting it in at #1 for this week is more of an “it was here first” recognition because, quite honestly, my #1 could have been The Beach House or Scare Package as well. Hellraiser gets the top slot, though, as it is one movie that sticks with me in a way I don’t think the other two could. Not just because I’ve seen it more often, but I always find something new about it to like when I see it.

So, that was week four. How do you feel about my choices? Let me know in the comments.

As for week five? Here is what is coming up.

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