Hey, so, you’re probably still practicing that social distancing thing, right? It’s a weird time. So, to ease the pressure of being locked in your house or apartment for at least a couple more weeks how about we dive into some weird shit on YouTube?

This time around we are going to mine some gems from the channel Occult Demon Cassette.

Enjoy, and remember to wash your hands after.

The Cults (1993)

How about some David Koresh? I’m probably dipping into Ted’s territory here, but this is a really interesting find. It’s a video filmed during the events of the Waco siege, seemingly prior to the culmination of the events.

The bulk of the video is composed of re-enactions of Chris Elkins with the Unification Church. It is a weird little slice of history given how Waco would play out and the fascination of people in the 1990s with cults.

It makes you wonder when we’re going to get another good cult-based horror film… something other than the “lol it was Satan the whole time” bit.

The Edge of Evil (1989)

Ah yes, the Satanic Panic, quite possibly the most alarmingly stupid social and religious hysteria ever. The Satanic Panic more or less has ties to just about everything wrong with the world today.

So, how about we re-live some of that stupidity with this “documentary” about secret Satanic groups made up of emotionally unstable teenagers? Though you’d think this was something a bit more common because nobody in history is as emotionally unstable as a teenager. Apparently though, it comes from an “obsessive fascination with sex, drugs, and heavy metal rock-and-roll.”

Maybe that is why I was immune? I was more into House music when I was a teen.

As a bonus, the video features an interview with serial killer Sean Sellers.

The Fantasy Explosion (1985)

My favorite of the bunch. This is an exposé on the danger of fantasy and the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons and porn. Basically an average 2 AM for me.

As a bonus enjoy the commentary of “Winkie Pratny,” which is not a made-up name. Also seen in the video is Tim LaHaye who would later write the Christian End Times pulp Left Behind series.

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