Hello friends, welcome to another Weekly Wail takeover by current Throwdown Champion and incorrigible underdog, J.M. Brannyk.

It’s been a rough few weeks (haha, months, years, decades), so let’s take a break from fireside chats and have some good ol’ fun talking about movie covers this week. Specifically possession movie covers and just having a lark with them. So, this will be less “talk”-y and more “look”-y. 

Possession – a dangerous dance with The Devil

This started when I took a look at a preview of the movie St. Maud (to be optimistically released July 17, 2020) by Rose Glass:

It reminded me of a certain…something

To be honest, it’s an old trope of a cover or possession – floaty and/or contorted girl. It’s been replicated time and time again, on covers and also usually in the movie at some point. I would wager it stems from The Exorcist and I get it – it’s shorthand for “somethin’ ain’t right here. However, when it’s used a lot, it’s, well…

So floaty…
So bendy…

Sadly, Danny Trejo did not partake in the trope.

I’m disappointed in you, Trejo

But when did possession and Flashdance really cross paths?

Maybe older than you think…

As we see from Goya’s ‘St. Francis Borgia, Exorcizing’ from 1788, the use of jazz hands are used in combating with the demons:

St. Fosse would be proud

And another painting, supposedly of St. Pius V in Santa Sabina Cha Cha Sliding out a demon:

Two stomps, indeed

Flashdance and Possession Films

So, it makes sense that the forces of good and evil like to tango, probably literally. It, indeed, makes sense that an 80’s beloved classic and horror should be interwoven in fate. They are one in the same and now hard to distinguish from the other. They, together, are rhythm now. And, oh, what a feeling – the feeling of darkness and light fighting for dominance in the dance.

And aren’t we all, in one way or another, dancing for our lives and our very souls?

On the Flipside:

Turning it on its head, what if Flashdance were a horror story? A story of a woman possessed by the drive to dance? And she feels the need….the need for brisé…

A welder by day and a demon by night…
She’s just looking for the fight of HER LIFE!!!!

This was a bit of a deviation from most Weekly Wails that David writes, heck, even from what I generally do, but I think we all needed to take a break and poke some good-natured fun at a thing we enjoy.

But, Hollywood, I’m serious. If you’re listening, I wouldn’t mind a played-straight mash-up of Flashdance and demon possession.

I have ideas, call me.

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