No, I’m not talking Eminem. I’m running with Hitchcock.

I saw someone has posted this album to Twitter the other day and having not heard it I was instantly intrigued. Alfred Hitchcock’s Music to be Murdered by is good stuff, really. It’s just basically snippets of fake film scores. It’s all about mood.

Of course, that made me think about songs that would play during the inevitable moment I get murdered (because, after all, you don’t get to be a blogger on a rising horror site without making a few enemies). I decided to informally conduct a survey of the writers on the site as well.

So, who is being murdered to what?

Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek

Look, this is sort of a meme choice but like… it works. Gotta say, Art, this is a pretty hilarious choice. But using this song means you can only really die by being shot, it’s a law at this point.

Made most famous, of course, by being heard in the second season of The OC, but it became a meme from that SNL short, “Dear Sister.” Still hilarious to this day.

Thom York – Suspirium

PARZZ1VAL hits us with this Thom York gem from Luca Guadagnino’s reimagining of Susperia.

It makes for a very nice, moody death accompaniment. Perhaps a person bleeding out against a wall as the camera zooms away, slowly, in one long tracking shot. Any breathing, signs of life, are no longer apparent when zoomed out far enough… did they truly die?

Who knows?

Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

Shane M. hits us with an absolutely classic song. As far as how the death scene plays out, this one is tricky. It’s a very nostalgic song, and very peppy. We thrive on incongruities when it comes to media though, we love stuff when it runs counter to our expectations.

So in this case, the song would work really well with someone being chased, especially with slow-motion running when the strings kick in. Being chased by what, though?

We’ll go with a werewolf returning back… to High School! Put this in another remake of Teen Wolf.

Chumbawumba – Tubthumping

Court Court offers up this concentrated dose of the 1990s

Make Jason Voorhees a party boy and this is his anthem. Enough said.

Bye-bye, campers.

The Sunshines – Você Quer Brincar

A bold choice by J. M. Brannyk, but I totally have this.

Axe-murder. A psychopath is hacking his way through a woodcutting and handicrafts festival. Complete with slow-motion swings and arterial blood spray all over.

So much blood over so much handcrafted wooden furniture and chainsaw bear sculptures…

Julio Iglesias – La Mer

For my choice, I went with this slice of the 1970s. I am probably one of the victims of a massacre where the killer has just started slaughtering an auditorium at a community dance or something. All while this plays.

I’m not even a featured death in my own imagination.

So… what song would you want to be murdered by? Please let us know in the comments!

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